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For years now I have walked a path of spiritual belief and a connection to my soul. My own true desire has been to empower women and men to live their truth.

To make wise choices daily. To learn to meditate, pray, journal, use aromatherapy and ritual as a way to open to all that they are here to be and can be.

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You desire to live life to the fullest while experiencing freedom and exploration. You were born gifted with a passion and purpose to share with the world.

Find that which creates freedom of thought.”



Release ... what no longer serves you from all realms, dimensions, time and space.

Remember … what your passion and purpose is and discover and live your spiritual path now with ease and grace.

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Welcome to my Chakra Wisdom Course, the blueprint to your soul.

By the end of this course, you will realize that you are a unique super human capable of manifesting your dreams when you connect to your inner wisdom. 

What Others Say


Linda has the right advice and guidance for a healthier body; clearer mind; and happier soul. She focuses straight to the core!  Linda has helped me put my pieces back together again. 

Pat Roperto


I suffer from really bad anxiety, and after I left I not was only feeling calm, but learned some tricks on how to manage my stress.  I felt an instant relief of stress and a relaxing sensation.

Lara Shostack


I discovered that it helped me to begin to be able to meditate and get in touch with myself.  Energy healing gave me confidence and for that I will be forever grateful to Linda!

Rina Benvenuto

Chelation & Chakras

Chelation is a foundational technique that accomplishes three things: it clears, charges, and balances the human energy field. Chelation means “to grab” or “to bind.”   What energy to you need to release?

Linda Amato

My life has been a journey that was inspired and led by spirit. There is no other way to explain who I am today. My greatest belief is that it is time for a New Humanity to rise and choose Love. 

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