4 Action Rules to Live Your Authentic Universal Truth

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"We are all products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it..."
~ Rick Warren

Being open to change is a process that requires trust and a belief, that there is a reason for everything in life. Where does this trust reside but within the self? Many refuse to sit in silence to hear their truth. The fear is massive in their heart that they might make a mistake. Others will see this mistake and this terrifies them. They would be disgraced. The belief of yesterday and for some today is to question what others would think? What holds many of us back is our fear when it comes to how others will perceive us.

4 Action Rules to Live Your Authentic Universal Truth-owl

As a spiritual being living in a human body, we battle within our own desires. The soul is here to learn, expand and grow. The body is here to open to the desires of the soul but argues with the soul's truth. We can only be who we can be daily by our belief system.

  • What are your beliefs about life?
  • How do you handle challenging relationships?
  • Do you experience daily fear?
  • Can you imagine living your truth?
  • All of our beliefs are born out of our family, relationships, society, elders and mass communication. These are not our own specific beliefs on how we desire to live or even to believe about ourselves. We are gifted them by the many relationships we live through from the moment we are born until we awaken to a desire for change.

    "Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most..."
    ~Fyodor Dostoevsky

    All challenging situations are manifested by ourselves as part of the plan to awaken to find inner truth and our own beliefs. This is a so-called plan we designed before we came into these bodies, as we chose who we can be of service to daily. Imagine that this is the game of life that has no winner per se, but a simple discovery of self.

    Daily fear of any kind is the opposite of our life choices. Fear is that which can only be deemed false by our mind to incorporate a belief in separation. Separation is a fear-based mentality. Competition is fear that one is not good enough, worthy enough and have no control in our life. We want to prove something but to whom? Why do we struggle to be better than another?

    What exactly is our truth then? Within each of us, there is an essence, a spark or just maybe a light. Can it be part of the Divine within that rests waiting for the discovery of choosing love? Love is our truth! There is only Love! God is Love; Love is God! The path is the foundation of the essence within that stems from the soul. In the end, we know, Love is the journey we are here to experience.

    When we embrace beliefs which are not ours, challenging relationships or daily fear, then how do we imagine living our truth? The simplicity of this game is to awaken from that which is not ours. Life imagines that we can choose another way to live that is beneficial to opening our hearts to our desires, dreams, and passion.

    "Change, like healing, takes time..." -Veronica Roth

    Here are four action rules to empower your mastery of self from the depths of your wisdom and knowledge:

    1. Believe that you are perfect as you are to start, no matter what you were raised to think. Know what we all witness in magazines, books, television, the internet, and newspapers are not real. AFFIRM: I am perfect as I am!
    2. Choose love even if you have to bite your tongue when it comes to drama, challenge, or chaos in situations. Look at the moment as a test to choose not to react and to breathe. Do not take another personally because they are the ones embracing fear. AFFIRM: I choose love now!
    3. Know that there is a process that requires us to discover our purpose and fear is not part of the plan. We manifest fear! We are not born in fear! If you concentrate on lack, you will demonstrate only fear - focus on abundance. You will get whatever you focus your energy and emotions on. AFFIRM: I am abundant in all I do today!
    4. Live your dreams by doing whatever it takes to accomplish the truth in your life by choosing to change. Discover what you need to learn on how you want to live a happy, joyful and abundant life. In today's world of the internet, your classroom waits for you and you do not even have to leave your home. AFFIRM: All is well!

    "The Changes we dread most may contain our salvation..." 
    ~Barbara Kingsolver

    We can now experience whatever we desire to live the life we have come here to fulfill our lives with joy. We can start by choosing to release everything that is not how we personally, believe today. This day is the day to make a change! Even if it is one change at a time, for the next 21 days, it is a start to live an empowered life that is authentic with these simple, daily, action rules.

    Be Love, LA

    Pray. Meditate. Journal.

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