Are You Grateful For: Family, Traditions, Intelligence & The Beauty of Life?

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What does being grateful mean to you? I would like to share my list of gratitude at this amazing time in my life.. for you to reflect on!

May you be blessed with insight into the amazing life you are manifesting!

I am grateful for:

  1. My connection to Spirit
  2. My belief that anything is possible
  3. My ability to know that there is a reason for everything
  4. The sense of oneness I feel for humanity
  5. The gift I possess to share unconditional love
  6. My life experience as a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and relative.
  7. My greatest teacher, my husband
  8. My children that chose me as their mom
  9. The wisdom I learned from my children
  10. The abundance in my life.
  11. My health; body and mind.
  12. The ability to be a healthy, loving grandmother in their lives.
  13. The internet and how it connects me to my children and grandchildren on FaceTime.
  14. The view from my kitchen, as I bask in the beauty of Mother Nature living on the water for the past 31 years.
  15. My waterfall that I can go to and meditate by, surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature and the elementals that are on this planet alongside us.
  16. My journey into the world of healing and especially for the clients that let me be of service to them.
  17. For the time to read, learn and share information.
  18. All my blog followers; their likes, comments, and shares

Being grateful can mean many different things to most people. There are sadness and sorrows in life that are part of the journey but what about the good memories? If we reflect on our lives and move forward from the fears and pain there can be a ton of gratitude to acknowledge. Simply, bless everything as a lesson learned. 
Yesterday, for me was not as simple as it is today because my thoughts were not mine. 

Yes, there were circumstances in my life as a child that I had no control over; addiction, abandonment, abuse, death, and loss of self. Then one day, I relived the memories in my journal and chose the process of forgiveness, and a lesson learned. I was grateful for the experience of this life I chose with my parents and moved on. I simply said, "thank you!"

  • Who has not lost a loved one, through illness, suicide, cancer, an accident or killing?
  • Who hasn't had a lesson to learn.
  • An acceptance of forgiveness to offer?
  • A karma to heal?
  • Hopefully, this is the moment for us to reflect, bless, forgive and move forward filled with gratitude for the lives we are manifesting and living daily. We are the only ones that can make changes in our lives. We are in pain as a society at this time! We are angry!

    We are disturbed by the political choices that separate us!  Yet, we do not realize that to make any kind of change in life we must change ourselves first. With a change, comes growth! We are powerful!

    I am living a blessed life and I am loving life because of all of the above. I have no regrets because of the belief system that I incorporate into my life daily through prayer, meditation, taking pen to paper and getting outside in Mother Nature. 
    Right before I go to sleep after I say my prayers, I bless and thank all that I communicated with during the day whether in person, on the iPhone, iPad through text or FaceTime calls from my grandchildren, especially. It is a wonderful time to be alive, I believe. I AM GRATEFUL!

    Pray! Meditate! Journal!


    1. Jennifer Leffler

      This such a beautiful and personal post that reminds me how each day is a gift. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

      1. Linda Amato@makingbelievers Post author

        Jennifer, you are very welcome! I appreciate the love… Enjoy the season!

    2. D Mileo

      This is so beautiful Linda. I am grateful for my husband who is my world and my best friend. I am grateful for many aspects of my life but again he is my everything.We are blessed.