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The Teachings of Barbara Marciniak as A TRANCE CHANNEL
Average Reading Time: 4 min 15 secAs I pondered what inspirational author to share this week, the Universe stepped in[...]
The Teachings of Ainslie MacLeod on Past Lives
Share0Tweet0Share0 Average Reading Time: 5 min  Imagine living the life your soul intended while healing your past lives to realize[...]
The Teaching of Barbara Wilder On Money Issues!
Average Reading Time: 3 minI came across the book, Money is Love in my library. It caught my attention and I[...]

Inner Wisdom

The Sorrow of Loss: Taking Steps with Confidence, Truth & Facts!
Can it be that we struggle daily to find ourselves? Is it our truth and essence that sits deep within[...]
The Shadows of Life are Reference to our Confidence, & Approval of our Documentation!
As we travel close to the holiday season I have been reflecting on the changes in my personal life this[...]
The Keys of Freedom = Consistency, Beauty, Faith & Education!
As a lover of the written word, I have spent my entire life taking pen to paper. Some may call[...]


A Conscious Woman = Credentials, Fun, Authenticity & Universal Truths!
"Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love."-Leo Tolstoy As we approach the yearly[...]
Responsibility, Opportunity, Personal Growth & Learning has Allowed Me to Experience A Great Ride!
             "In youth we learn; in age we understand." - Marie Ebner-Eschenbach This morning I[...]
Our Fathers, Brother & Sons = Predictability/Competition/Significance/Competence!
The memories of being his daughter can only be shared from the eyes of the child I was. I recall[...]

Self Improvement