Chakra Wisdom


Chakra Wisdom

An E-Course With Linda Amato

The first I heard of the chakras was in 2001 when I went for a Reiki Session. Reiki is a Hands-on-Healing modality where you lay on a massage table and the practitioner goes over your chakras with their hands.

It was at this moment that I learned about the chakras as spinning disks that travel up our spine. Starting at the base of our spine (Chakra 1) up to the top of the head (Chakra 7). In this Course, I will share with you about each chakra, affirmations, essential oils and crystals for your chakras.

In 2004, I became a Reiki Master and continued studying all that was possible when it came to our energy field and chakras. For the next seven years, I offered Reiki to my clients during our one-on-one sessions until 2012. It was then that I learned a deeper healing modality called Chelation.  

This format of working with the chakras is different, as in Reiki, I would start at the crown chakra and work myself down to the first. Offering a chelation, I start at the first chakra, with the feet and work my way up the body in the natural form of how our energy flows.  

By the end, you will be reintroduced to your body and the emotions that open the portal to the chakras. In doing so, you will understand the power you possess by the beliefs that are not yours through your thoughts, words, and actions.   

By the end of this course, you will realize that you are a unique super human capable of manifesting your dreams when you connect to your inner wisdom. 

By the end of this course, you will realize that you are a unique super human capable of manifesting your dreams when you connect to your inner wisdom. 

Discovering your rights alone will empower you to change and live your truth.

Being witness to your plan for growth that once acknowledged needs action to nurture your passion is deemed within the knowledge of Chakra Wisdom! 

This Chakra Wisdom Course will allow you to heal yourself by knowing that your emotions have a tremendous effect on your energy field and chakras.

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Linda has the right advice and guidance for a healthier body; clearer mind; and happier soul. She focuses straight to the core!  Linda has helped me put my pieces back together again. 

Pat Roperto


I suffer from really bad anxiety, and after I left I not was only feeling calm, but learned some tricks on how to manage my stress.  I felt an instant relief of stress and a relaxing sensation.

Lara Shostack


I discovered that it helped me to begin to be able to meditate and get in touch with myself.  Energy healing gave me confidence and for that I will be forever grateful to Linda!

Rina Benvenuto

The tools offered will grant you the ability to handle life’s situations differently today.”
Linda Amato



Release ... what no longer serves you from all realms, dimensions, time and space.

Remember … what your passion and purpose is and discover and live your spiritual path now with ease and grace.

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of my time to get to know each other and see what next steps lie in front of you.