Choose to Do No Harm! Do Good!

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Life is a journey of discovery of self. Who we are and how we choose to portray ourselves to others is our "free will!" We are all raised in a society that tells us that there is somehting wrong with us. From our weight, to our nationality, to our looks and foods we choose to eat. Words are energy! Energy is powerful!

Truthfully, all words are sacred: written, spoken or just floating around in our minds. Let's take a look at the definitions for both these words in Websters Dictionary.

  • Harm = injury
  • Good = better, best, right, proper, kind, beneficial, good purpose or result

How do the definitions of these two words describe you? More importantly, which would you choose as an example of who you want to project as yourself out into the world today? Remember, life is a tremendous classroom of many teachers and lessons.

"Happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change..." - J.C.F.vonSchiller

Harm or Good equals the result of the way that you make another feel, as well as how you feel afterwards.

  • Do you make them feel happy and filled with joy and laughter by the words you use?
  • Do you make another doubt himself, feel ugly, confused, hurt and filled with pain by the words you use?
  • Ask yourself how you feel when you blame another?
  • What does your body reflect back to you when you harm another consciously?
  • How do you feel when you do good to another?
  • Check in with your body for the answers to all of the above.

We manifest our lives daily by the simple sacred power of our thoughts, words and actions. There is no other way to live but to become aware of who we are and what we project out into the world daily.

We are silly to believe that we are not powerful! We are sacred spiritual beings living in a human experience as co-creators of a Divine Inelligence.

The truth of each one of us is in the parents we have chosen and those whom we call family and friends. Look around at the powerful lessons you can learn from the ones in your inner circle of life today.

"Cherish your emotions and never undervalue them..." -Robert Henri

There is a reason for everything in life and when we choose acceptance, love, and non-judgment, we heal our karma. Any challenges that you are hooked into have the purpose of offering you a chance to choose another way of being; if you are uncomfortable, hateful, critical, or even simply angry.

Ponder this:

  • Any harm you project on another is due to the belief that you are not worthy or that you are taking another's actions personally. Someone is not doing what you believe they should be doing.
  • Any good you project outwards towards another is because you believe in yourself, know yourself, and believe in the 'Oneness' and 'Unity' of life. Consciously, you choose love.

"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard..." -Anne Sexton


Where there is love there is good...

Know this as a fact and part of the foundation of all of life. As Beings of Light that is why we are here to awaken to the essence of all energy. Energy is what we are and how we think, talk and act is part of the energy.

Our chakras are part of the blueprint of our soul connected to the organs of our body. Where there is dis-ease or illness within these organs and parts of the body, is because we have chosen over and over again to project harm towards another which harms us as well.


Sometimes we do not believe in ourselves. This leads to fear, guilt, and shame that we hold on to from the past. Yesterday's children were taught fear through abuse that was generational. Today, we are more open to speak our minds and gather around us those we respect and love for their acceptance of us as we are.

This is true belief in self!

In the end, we as a society have to start to love ourselves so that we can love others...

Light & Love, Linda