Connecting to the Angels with Kaya & Christiane Muller


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Kaya and Christiane Muller, Professors, International Speakers and Bestselling Authors, lecture in many countries on the understanding of signs, dreams, and symbols in everyday life. They are co-Founders of the Teaching & Research Center Universe/City Mikael (UCM), through which they are devoting their lives to the teaching of signs, dreams, and symbols. Through their work and devotion to helping humanity, they are breathing new life into one of the world's most ancient traditions. (Non-profit organization) Check them out,

Life has a way of bringing your teachers forward when required for a lesson to be learned. At least that has been my journey, so far.  Tina Marie Bertoli - Angel Reader has been on a journey for as long as I have been. She introduced me to Stephanie Lodge in her Goddess Warriors Rising Membership. Led by Spirit, I began the study of The 72 Angels with Stephanie Lodge (The Hug Angel) called Diamond Dream Alchemy with the Angelic Dream Keys  in

After completing all 72 Dream Keys, I was compelled to understand this process while working with the Angels daily in meditation. It was the seeker in me that demanded I purchase these books to learn the benefits of the angel teachings. I do love books and all that I can acquire from them. I have to admit my life has definitely taken a shift since applying the Keys! Here is a short look into these books. I hope that you are intrigued as I am about The Traditional Study of Angels.


The Book of Angels / Dreams - Signs - Meditation -  / The Traditional Study of Angels / The Hidden Secrets  48th thousand


"When your dreams have become as real as day. When your spirit seeks the meaning of its existence, its love and its work. When you see behind the images and you hear beyond the words. When you feel vulnerable and your feelings are beyond your power to control. When your body hurts and you don't know why. When you ask yourself, "Why live, if I have to die?" When faced with the social inequalities and misery of this world, you wonder if God really exists. You are ready for initiation. You are ready to receive the Knowledge."

Through The Traditional Study of Angels, rediscover and develop the Angelic States of Consciousness that represent the essence of the Divine qualities and virtues. By reactivating these powerful Angelic Energies in your thoughts, feelings and actions, you will awaken a new way of understanding dreams, signs, and synchronicity.

To meditate with the Angels is to experience spiritual autonomy.


The 72 Angel Cards  Dreams - Signs - Meditation / The Traditional Study of Angels


Did you know that an Angel is not a little cherub with wings? In reality, an Angel is a State of Consciousness that represents Divine qualities and virtues in their original essence. Initiatory science has always used the metaphor of winged beings to express what happens within a person when these powerful energies are reactivated in our consciousness. The lightheartedness, peace, freedom, and love thus rediscovered give us wings.


With The 72 Angel Cards, you will discover the initiatory work of The Traditional Study of Angels, a teaching that comes from the ancient times of the Judeo-Christian tradition. This mystic teaching defines the 72 states of higher consciousness representing the qualities, virtues, and powers of God. Upon incarnation, human beings receive the mission of integrating the Divine qualities and of programming them in their thoughts, feelings, and actions so as to be able to experience their full spiritual autonomy one day.

Through Angel Recitation and Angel invocation, you will raise your consciousness to a higher level of understanding and wisdom. You will discover communication with Heaven through your dreams and through the reading of signs and coincidences. The Traditional Study of Angels is the teaching of Revelations and of Prophecy.


The Source Code : Dictionary Dreams - Signs - Symbols / The Ultimate Guide to Dream Interpretation


The Source Code represents 15 years of writing for the author, but in reality it embodies a whole life of research and study. It is also the fruit of the collaboration of more than 100 people - doctors, therapists, teachers, etc. - who participated in the research and editing work.

 In the field of dream, sign, and symbol interpretation, this unique reference book represents a new stage, a quantum leap in the evolution of Mankind regarding the understanding of our inner world and our unconscious.

This Code reveals the intention inscribed both in matter and in every individual person, and it allows us to discover a new way of perceiving life.


The Book of Angels / Dreams - Signs - Meditation / The Traditional Study of Angels / The Divine Couple


"You feel tired, but you don't know why... Your senses are changing, do you know why? The more you think and feel, the more questions you have... Why does love have to be so complicated? You're tired of the superficial tendencies around you... When you ask yourself, " Why live, if I have to die?" But think about it... are you always truly authentic or have you become good at playing the game?"

  • Have you ever received an inner answer that shakes your entire existence?
  • Do you know that Cosmic Intelligence, God - or whatever name you prefer - this true Living Computer, speaks to us through dreams, signs, and symbolic language?
  • Would you like to develop your emotional intelligence and start remembering your dreams more and more clearly?
  • Do you want to learn how to understand them? 

If the answer is yes, then all you need to do is read this book to learn how to invoke the Name of an Angel like a mantra and the answers will be revealed to you in your dreams and through signs in your daily life.

By invoking the Angels,

  • you will enter the heart of Destiny and you will activate your divine potential.
  • You will receive continual concrete guidance beyond anything you have ever imagined.
  • You will realize that signs and dreams are composed of symbols and that Angels are not little cherubs with wings but a symbolic representation of our divine conscience, our multidimentional existence.

This book reveals the true meaning of Angels and offers profound teachings about the mysteries of couples, of long-term relationships, how to put a stop to old behavioral patterns and feeling guilty. It also reveals a very common phenomenon today: feeling insecure inspite of great abundance, and lots more...


How to Read Signs / The Origin of Angels, Signs & Symbols


The rediscovery of the Knowledge of signs is a philosophy destined to mark the third millenium. Because of its universal character that is accessible and compatible with spiritual, philosophical or religious background, this ancient Knowledge is able to answer both today's questions and those of tomorrow.

Through simple stories of everyday life, you will learn to decode the symbolic language of signs and coincidences and you will discover that we can interpret concrete situations just like a dream.

In this major work on sign interpretations, you will discover a new current of thought and way of thinking that leads to profound change in our way of living. By reading and knowing the meaning of signs, we can develop a personal, one-to-one relationship with Destiny. After reading this book, your life will never be the same.

Light and Love, Linda

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