Developing Strategy, Goals, Confidence & Peace Today!

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The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking..." -Albert Einstein

What strategy for setting goals, developing confidence, and empowering peace are you manifesting? Let's develop a plan by setting some goals here to dig deep for your confidence as we uncover the peace you seek to live today.

We all have had at one time an inner calling that there is more to life. However, to experience a different way of living, we need three tools: Change, Create, Empower! When we are open to Change by the process of choosing to Create that which we are passionate about, we empower ourselves. Today, ask the following questions of yourself. 

In answering these questions, you will develop a strategy: We all need to know ourselves by what we can change in our lives, what we can accomplish when we keep our power. We can only improve ourselves. Change is scary and not familiar. What if, we took a chance on something we desire by just going for it today!

  1. Am I afraid of change? List what you are afraid of and why?
  2. Do I feel that I cannot accomplish anything? List why do you feel this way?
  3. Do I feel overpowered by others? Who have you given your power away to?

Strategy #1: Change/Goals ... When we decide to heal from anything that no loner serves us, especially if it is not how we believe today, then we can grasp the path we want to travel. Most roads lead to change. Change is part of life. Just look around at all the changes you have personally experienced in the last year; better yet, in your life. WOW! Guess what, you survived all of them!

Now take your pen to paper and write down what you want to change in your life because you can today. Of course, this is possible because  you are releasing everything and everyone that does not serve your highest purpose at this time.

Strategy #2: Create/Confidence ... Some of us grew up with a voice in our heads that we were not capable of being who we dreamed we wanted to be. If a loving family member, spouse, friend, or sibling told you this, forgive them today. In forgiving them, you return to yourself to know that you have a purpose and passion in life that is unique to you. What do you want to create today that you have been afraid of doing because of a voice in your head?

Now take pen to paper and write down everyones name who took your dreams away from you because you now know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to doing with confidence.

Strategy #3: Empower/Peace ... In most relationships; we give our power away to either keep the peace, we are afraid to speak up for ourselves, or we do not feel worthy. We all have known a bully or two. Many of us have experienced life, raised by dominating, controling adults that tell us what is best for us. In marriage; we struggle with a dominant spouse that likes to control us in every way. In jobs; we can have a demanding boss. As a child; we had NO control because we were told we MUST listen and obey.

A goal properly set is halfway reached..." -Zig Zigler

Today, you are powerful! Look within your mind for the answers from your heart on what you can accomplish because you are not afraid and go for it! The voices in your head do not belong to you but come from your life experience. Another has stolen your dreams to be creative and discover your purpose in life. When others take your power away, you weaken to believe that they know what is best for you. Sometimes we are afraid, so we give our power away.

Take your pen to paper and make a plan today filled with the changes you desire, by being creative and know that you are powerful and this is your right as a spiritual being having a human experience to live your life, YOUR WAY!


Strategy = Goals to Change = Confidence to Create = Peace to Empower Self!

WOW! Excellent!
You now have gone within to discover a plan for how you desire to live. Setting goals allows you to dream as it builds your confidence that you have a purpose in life. The discovery of peace leads you to embrace that you can change as a creative human that is now empowered.

At this moment in time,  you will begin writing your goals in a goals book, calendar, or journal. Every day first thing in the morning write three goals that you want to accomplish, as if they have already been manifested. Begin your sentence with a positive I AM ________________________! 

Creativity is a drug I cannot live without..." -Cecil B. DeMille

The strategy of writing down on paper your goals will manifest change which empowers your life daily. You must become aware of what you desire! What you want! What you need! In doing so, peace is yours to claim daily. When we develop the ritual of goal setting, we use a form of therapy by taking a pen to paper that allows us to dream our dreams. We are telling the Universe this is who I AM; this is how I WANT to live my life.

It takes strategy, goal setting and developing confidence! So that we find that which allows us to live a life filled with peace. When we are passionate, and balanced in all that we do, we release all the demons. We can only embrace life when we are living the life we were born to live.

Be Love, Linda
Pray! Meditate! Journal!


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