Do You Know Your 3 Superpowers??? PART 2


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You Are Powerful ..." - Linda Amato


I have received tremendous interest in the first blog I wrote, "Do You Know Your 3 Superpowers in 2019.

As a society of "Free Will," 

  • You get to choose how you desire to live your life. 
  • You personally, get to show the world who you are.
  • You have a daily choice to be happy or sad when you awaken.

How you start your day is key to the emotions of your mindset throughout the day.

Being aware is essential to how you exist daily in life. There is no hidden secret. You either choose to be a Divine Being of Light and Love or you choose to be filled with your Ego; unhappy, angry, negative or fearful. Your thoughts manifest emotionally your journey  daily. What you are tied to emotionally also affects your chakras which are the blueprint to your soul and sits within the core of your body aligned with your spine.

  • Superpower #1 - THOUGHT...      You have over 18,000 thoughts that fill your mind subconsciously 
  • Superpower #2 - WORD...             You can choose positive or negative words to express yourself
  • Superpower #3 - ACTION...               Your actions speak even louder than your words

Let's look at your Thoughts and how aware you are and what you can do to shift them:

  • A negative thought can be shifted to a positive one by reframing in your mind the thought to one of love
  • If you are angry and in a negative hateful way say: cancel, clear, delete in your mind to release it
  • Listening to your thoughts is key to the one's that are consious but the ones that are unconscious stem from what you listen to, watch on t.v. or read in a book. Eliminate horror, negative, fighting, cruel images from your mind now.

"Your powers are a gift to empower you... Linda A.

Your WORD stems from how you are triggered by another. Emotionally, you may tend to react in a negative way.

  • It is best to STOP and reflect on what you want to say that is positive. Shifting how you react will benefit you on your journey and eliminate added karma.
  • Shift your mindset and words to reflect kindness, compassion, and support. This will enable you to realize your truth and that you may be at a different level of consciousness by doing so. 
  • Breathe in before you react so that you do not begin a game of "Ping Pong" with another person. This only takes you on a journey of trying to prove you are right and another is wrong. No one hears the other.

"Your Thoughts, Words and Actions are unique to you... -Linda A.

ACTION is that which can be a change for the better or an attack on another. For change there has to be change!

  • Change has to be a positive action that will shift your energy to empower you. Only you can make this change personally.
  • If there is no action by you to believe in yourself you are holding on to doubt and low-self-esteem. You are a Divine Child of God and have this superpower to share with the world.
  • Whatever you choose to manifest needs an action by you. Make sure it is a positive, loved filled aciton you manfiest towards another.

Your freedom is yours to choose, choose wisely... -Linda A.


There is a reason you are gifted with your Superpowers because of the joy in living a life of "Free Will!"

  • There are no mistakes.
  • There are only your Thoughts, Words, and Actions that you choose to share with the world. 
  • Anything is possible when you shift your mindset to one of Love, Loving, and being Lovable towards another.
  • You can only change yourself! 
  • You are not responsible for others! 
  • How another reacts is how they use their Superpowers.
  • Let them choose for themself.

Only you can fly forward on the wings of Light and Love when you become aware, adaptable and aceptable of the Superpowers you possess. Now is the best time in life to awaken to your gifts and strength by manifesting a life with your 3 Superpowers that stems from love and light. (In 2004, I was gifted insight into the words... "find that which creates freedom of thought..." May you discover your inner truth and freedom by choosing to awaken to all you can be.

Light & Love, Linda

Pray! Meditate! Journal!

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