Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 01: A Channeling!

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Life has brought me forward to this page through the power of the written word. An avid reader and lover of books, I discovered the gift of channeling. Taking paper to pen has been part of my entire life experience. Today, I believe it has been that which I have loved for many lifetimes.

The path I have discovered is to trust that there is a reason for everything and that anything is possible. This life experience I have been a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and grandmother; just like other women in life. There was no difference to the dreams of my soul or to anothers. I simply had a deep understanding that Love was the Key to my happiness. Kindness was the Lock that opened with that Key.

In 2017, I took an online class about elementals with Kim WIlborn. It was in this class that I was led to purchase the cards, by David Spangler and Jeremy Berg, Card Deck of the Sidhe. I also read all of David Spanglers books. Conversations with the Sidhe was eye-opening, mind-blowing and unlocked inner-wisdom for me. I started with the cards daily, and writing what I deemed to be inner wisdom from the depths of my soul.

Now, I am ready to share with the Spiritual-minded and Open-hearted humans that we are not alone. There is a vast Universal Support System and Magical Energy for all of us to connect to. I hope that those who are ready to learn of that which is our Freedom of Thought joins me in these teachings. These are the episodes of my time with Earl of The Sidhe. The format is a simple question and answer dialog where I asked a question and received an answer.

Q. What is hidden within, that will be a beginning I have conceived to bring forth?

A. The journey is that which is truth of self. Your foundation and beliefs that are rising to the surface these past years. It is that which was hidden. Now, the time has come for the conception to rise and be known. Only you, individually have the power to share that which will be a beginning for another to seek.

It is the seeds of thought that lie dormant waiting to grow to the light of self. Foundationally, it is the strength of one's truth when known. Identity of self plays a part in that which one discovers from their foundation. It needs to be secure and strong to be powerful. It is that part of self that holds everything together. In life, many are not aware of their truth, as you are.

Q. What is it I am to shape into existence and express?

A. It is that which inspires your belief in the oneness of life. To shape a teaching around the elemental realm so that others wil believe. What you choose to express comes from Source energy daily. The best form of this expression for you is through the written word.

This gift is within the soul of self and by the use of it many are inspired to look at life through a different view. You might say an alternative belief that has inspired you to grow and expand and still know you are believable. There is need for your words to be expressed and shaped into a believeable teaching that stems from Source. Many will benefit from these teachings now.

"When a door opens run through it..." - Linda A.


Q. What is it that I need to connect and relate to?

A. There is an opening to the Soul of Self that knows all. When allowing wisdom to be known one connects to the Source of 'the all that is.' All relates from this point of connection to the essence of their purpose, passion, and reason for being.

It is that which connects and relates as one would connect the dots to make sense of a story.

  • Few are gifted with the inner wisdom to do so.
  • Few travel life totally unaware of their power to offer their light to another. 

"Listen to the Voice within..." Linda A.

It has been a society of disconnection with no relating that all are 'One.' It can be deemed if one looks within that as humans, all have a soul and connection to soul is necessary to awaken from the sleep of the ego.

The power lies within all to know that spirituality is the essence of their light they carry to help another with love that is unconditional. Love that is not unconditional does not stem from the soul. Many view life as a means to their existence, to exist as a society. To work, make money, live and acquire objects of desire.


The soul exists to learn, teach, connect with love to all while being of service. This is the truth for you but not for others. It is a joy of love and light that you connect to and relate to as a whole being.

To be continued...

Love&Light, Linda

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