Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 02: A Channeling!


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Life has brought me forward to this page through the power of the written word. An avid reader and lover of books, I discovered the gift of channeling. As we move forward with these Episodes of collaboration with the Sidhe and then get to meet Earl, may these words resonate with something that you are going through at this time in your life...

Q. What is to emerge and transform now?

A. Emergence  is the journey of truth on the path of wholeness. A being of love is a being of light that transforms many from the depths of despair. Humans cling to the past pains of their lives. That which is to emerge now is to release the past with love. This is a form that will transform those who struggle daily.

  • The past is of the ego. The past is of fear. The past is of no value if a lesson has not been learned. 

Love is that which shall emerge. Love transforms fear to no longer exist. Humanity needs to learn, accept and open their minds and hearts that love is key to 'peace of self.'

  • Love is joy. Love is happiness. Love is kindness. Humanity is ready to choose LOVE! 

Q. How can I  teach the values in life are that which nurtures and nourishes us, as spiritual beings?

A. Humans travel lifetimes of fear, not connecting to their spiritual self; their soul. Anger, and hate, injure many for the long journey. Stubborness, is an influential belief that they have a reason and a right to be angry, to hate, to be abusive to themselves and others. Never is the pain in their bodies acknowledged as their own cause, that they created. However, 'All' they suffer is manifested by their powerful thoughts, words and actions.

  • To lie is to deceive the self. To abuse another mentally or physically is to harm and break the heart wide open. Injury to self is greater than the injury to someone who one claims to love.

No one can help them who suffer to heal unless they seek to change, to forgive themselves for their choices that are making them unhappy as a divine child of God. They are so clueless to that which is their power and cannot identify or make the connection that no one is doing anything to them, as an adult. As an adult, no one is capable of staying a victim, unless they decide to on their own.

"Listen to the Whispers of your Soul..." - Linda A.


Q. What story do I believe that no longer serves me? What is or are my gifts to offer to humanity?

A. As a human, the plan was formed in 'Spirit Time' for all that the soul needs to expand, nurture itself with and grow while on earth. A sort of game to see the endurance of the human in life walking a path of challenges. 

Your stories are of belief in others and their innate goodness. You refuse to give up on some of them. This has served you well, as you discovered the truth of yourself and in doing so, expanded and nourished  your soul totally. Your doubt or fears are no more because of the spiritual connections to like minded people you are connecting with.

"Believe in Your Power ..." Linda A.

Q. As my time with the card deck of the Sidhe comes to an end, do I start over? Do I  continue to pick cards? Do I  simply read the book? Where do I  go after tomorrow?

A. The door is open. Channel with the Sidhe - pick a card of the day - be aware what the card means now to you. Do that which has meaning for you and your journey. Sit in contemplation. Meditate on us as the Sidhe within and discover what we will present for you to share with humanity.

Time is powerful, use it wisely. Loss, challenge, change is part of this journey and will be part of yours but you are not alone and you have the belief of a warrior that will sustain you in any loss, challenge or change in your life. Write. Write. Write. That which empowers you the most is the written word, whether yours or another. Be the 'way-shower' you are to the world. That is a great purpose, a powerful gift to share and lead others to be empowered by their belief in who they can be in today's world. It matters not the ones who refuse, let them go. Help those who want help. Show them that they can change their life. You did! So, can they!

Let the cards be fun. A tool to know we are with you now, and that you are powerful in your own truth. Empower others to find their truth. No more challenges are not possible. Life is made up of challenges to learn lessons to become empowered to live in one's truth.

"Nourish Your Soul..." - Linda A.


Q. What do need to do now on this journey of an interest with the Sidhe?

A. Walk your path. Be your truth in this life as an empowered woman living with challenges because  you choose love. It is your light and love that humanity needs. Many times you are clueless to those who you are healing. Be you! Fill your days with that which is your passion and purpose. Write. Read. Counsel. Heal. You are all of this and more. 

Life's journey was meant to bring you to us, the Sidhe. We waited for this to begin. You are a seeker, a scribe, a seer of the old times. The love you share will help many to raise their vibration. Just be You! Just learn to return always to Your Truth!

Innocence and wonder are yours forever as an 'old soul' but shows up as youth in this life. Be You, is the key to all that you will share over and over again. The gifts are many that you possess but at times you feel not enough. This can never be. You, as a Divine part of the Divine, is your greatest gift.

The flame that rises when lies, betrayal, abuse are evident is the flame of your innocence and truth. Many are clueless of their pain because they do not understand that they are the ones who created it for themselves. You know connection to Spirit is the real world to commit to. So, commit and we will guide you forward this lifetime. 

Be true to Spirit - Your Spirit!

to be continued...

Love & Light, Linda

Pray. Meditate. Journal.

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