Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 04: A Channeling!


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In these monthly Episodes, I would like to know if any of the questions I ask in some way resonate with you? After all, the Sidhe are our cousins! When we, humanity split from the Sidhe to experience life as humans, we were given 'free will' to do so. Now that we need to raise our vibration to help Mother Gaia heal the Sidhe are ready to collaborate with us. I answered their call and here we are.

Life has brought me forward to this page through the power of the written word. An avid reader and lover of books, I discovered the gift of channeling in 2017. As we move forward with these Episodes of collaboration with the Sidhe and then get to meet Earl of the Sidhe, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I appreciate any comments about your personal beliefs on this subject.

Q. I do trust that there is a reason and purpose in all that appears in life. What do I need to do now to release further what no longer serves me?

A. Release wasting time! Stay focused on your writing, and all that you are learning! Do not dilly dally! Do it! Do it! Do it! Life is a process of sight that comes from the depths of the soul. Life is not what you visually see daily. This is not the essence of life that is real. Yet, many cling to it. Be open to the wonder of life to help the blinded, unfortunate through your blogs and other wirtings.

You have been told many times to write, if that is your desire. So write blogs, and books. Put those gifts we will share with you out into the world. Read the books we bring to you. Share! Teach! Heal! These are gifts you have been born with from lifetimes of struggle where you were not allowed to do them in the open.

We tell you  now it is different. The time is to believe in your gifts, as who you are and do them daily and constantly. Have fun in doing them, especially online. The world is in need of your wisdom. Those who do not get it will survive on a different dimension in the future. As all is unique for each soul that is here. 

Karma has tons to do with what you are now releasing by opeing your heart to the vast people in need of your words. Know that your words heal many as you are a true healer from lifetimes of doing this work. Now you are free to do, so do!

Q.Would the Sidhe like to particiate in my Sessions this day?

A. We would look forward to observing and being a part of your journey. Call out to us at the beginning and we will join in to be witness to that which is a gift you offer. We are aware of you on all your levels and will be honored to partake in such a sacred ritual of healing. The love offered is always pure that sems from you as a soulful human. Be true to your gifts as they will be accelerating as we partner together.

The unseen realm is grateful for your prayers, thoughts, and peaceful abundance that you offer. You step quickly into that which is asked of you whenever you let us lead the way. When you hesistate because of questioning, a delay takes place, and you return to knowing your path is to do this work daily.

Many refuse to open the heart and mind to us. You felt a kinship at a very young age and then fell away as human chores, as you say, took you to other responsibilities. No more is needed of you now that you are aware. It has been a long wait for us to get your attention but there is never a mistake. Your path is to journey forward with many of the unseen realm. Take heed to pay attention! Focus daily on us! Read and write to receive us into your thoughts. It is your mind that we will reside in from the depths of your soul. We journey through your heart and to the mind to be with you clearly.

"Sit in silence to hear ..." - Linda A.


Q.What do I need to be careful about on this new path forward with the SIdhe?

A. In the past, there was delay. As you now prepare for this exciting new venture into the unseen realm stay true to your passion and purpose as a healer. Be careful of your thoughts and words about others. Preparing about rasing your vibration is all about walking above the drama of humanity and how most believe. You get grabbed into the world of others in a place of defense. It is not for you to defend any of those who choose negativity.

People put people into boxes. You have stepped out of the box and now travel into the 5th Dimensional world of belief in Spirit. Many do not think or believe as you do and it is not your job or your mission to force them into how you believe.

As a way-shower, just show them the way. 'Free will' is theirs to choose. Look at life filled with wonder as a loving child until that wonder is taken away from fear and pain.

For you know there is no pain, and no fear anymore because you have cleansed yourself. You have been peeling the onion for lifetimes and now this time just be careful to stay open to the fear and pain of others. Choose Love! Choose Spirit for we as Spirit in form are only Love Beings of the Unseen realm that are here to guide and support you now. Do not take others choices as yours. Stay true to your path, your journey. Teach! Share! Write because you can and offer Love in all you do.

"Stay true to your path ..." Linda A.

Q. What are my stories that I am believing and how are they shaping my life - good or bad, useful or not?

A. Belief is strong in you as to what has come and gone and how you choose to accept to go with the flow. You simply have a deep knowing and connection to all of life and all of life is useful one way or another. It has been your deepest story that you tell yourself of the goodness in life and that choice is for all to decide on.

  • How they want to be?
  • How they want to live and Love?
  • Who they want to show to the world?

In the past, your silence was a means of awareness and letting others believe as they wished, especially about you. You have been a warrior as a mother and it has grounded your children in the past and now to feel, know and experience Love that you gave because of respect and listening to their needs.

It was following your heart and instinct that has been a great tool. To speak when you needed to. To be open and honest and to tell of yourself in the written form. In the past, your story could be told simply by the words you spoke, and read.

The books are a clue into the human you desire to be. It is all good, useful, and filled with wisdom to share to help your clan and to move forward. Singing your song, sharing your experience, healing the souls that are open to the alternative belief that fuels your soul. Your clan needs your stories, beliefs, and Love that you can offer.

"Share your stories to heal yourself and others ..." - Linda A.


Q. What is it that I am to teach or write about?

A. Your voice is full of wisdom from the depths of many lifetimes. This is the lifetime to teach and share in books, classes, and sessions as you now have been doing for years already. We will inspire your thoughts and mind Follow our guidance. So much knowledge from within needs to now be released from you. Be focused!

Trust us and the unseen realm will bless you beyond what you have ever believed possible. Books, blogs, and teaching is all that you have been doing. Now continue and we will guide what needs to be shared at  this time in life to raise humanties vibration. These next few months are crucial.

Your power is your belief in the unseen. The magic that was always and shall always be. Follow us and you will create magic for many by opening their minds to believe as you do. Your strength is your connection to Spirit. Do not hesitate! Take action, teach, and write about all that inspires you through becoming the person you have become.

  • Reflect on how changed you are today.
  • Reflect on how wise you are today.
  • Reflect on how filled with answers to questions asked.
  • Reflect on the path that changed from what was to now, what has to be.

Love is the foundaiton in all positive healthy changes. Choice, and 'free will' play the greatest of roads always. So as you have chosen, teach others to choose. There is no fear in Spirit only Love. There is no negative belief in Spirit only positive. Be true to your dreams and desires and you will unfold a woman of Light and Love to be seen by many. Release the 'nay sayers' because you are here with purpose. This is to be your journey for the rest of life. Your quench for more has now allowed more to be possible.

You find joy in loving others and letting them be capable of choosing for themselves. You never control. God never controls. You are like God filled with Love, accpetance, and happiness in all that is. Why? Because you are aware and know Spirit is the eternal life we all return to and some never leave in the unseen realm. This is the realm you strive to honor deep in your soul.

Be true to Spirit - Your Spirit!

to be continued...

Love & Light, Linda

Pray. Meditate. Journal.

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