Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 13: A Channeling!


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It is interesting that this channeling took place in 2018. Look where we are now in 2020. Something to Ponder!

What questions do you have about the unseen world?

  • Are you open to learning about the Spirit world?
  • How do you need to change and grow your vibration?
  • Can you connect today's world with these words?

When we sit in silence taking pen to paper we connect to the essence of our soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on their words, as if they are talking to you personally.

  • Q. What does it mean to go beyond myself?
  • What is the direction I need to move in now?
  • What have I outgrown at this time that I need to release and let go of?

A. The familiar is about to end, as you are aware of already. There is much discovery and learning all around you. That which will take you beyond yourself is the essence of self, as you travel in the unseen world now. This is not the familiar for you but in some ways it has been waiting for you to move forward in this direction for some time.

It is saying 'yes' to all that can connect you to Source and the unseen world that will take you beyond yourself as you are at this moment. You have now outgrown the ignorance of disbelief for some time now. It is you opening to Spirit in all its forms that is to be the new direction that joined with releasing all that no longer serves you in the world of Spirit is necessary.

Yes, you are a Human/Spirit, but it is time to move into the opening and growth of expansion as a Spirit/Human Being. A wholeness of self to share knowledge and inner wisdom as a means of healing. Many will benefit from this expansion and opening as you teach from that place which can only be the truth of your wisdom on this journey of partnership and collaboration in the days ahead. Wisdom of Self is the magnet that has drawn and pulled you to this moment.

"Do you want to release what no longer serves you ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. What do I need to let go of, so that something new can come to me from those distant horizons?
  • What do I need to release and let of to move on?
  • What will be revealed?

A. Belief is individual and clouded with memory of desire. In finding what needs to let go of is within the belief of self. New is that which has begun now. Our partnership opens you to that which comes from distant horizons for sure. That which needs to be released is all disbelief from the past that no longer serves you now.

Today, is the present and all that will be revealed comes in the future. Twilight is that time in between you're awakening and discovery of your dreams. There is a process of beleif that needs to be adhered to for wholeness to be complete. Contemplation and reflection will release what can no longer be. The path is a golden one to travel to be of service. The unknown waits to be known.

  • Q. What is the new vision, new life, new self I am launching?
  • What is new and emergent in my life?
  • What is it that I will do when I am touched with this newness?      

A. New vision is the quest for a new life which joins with becoming a new self. The seeds were planted for this emergence to take place. It has begun! Many teachings have unfolded for you and you walked the path of change and expansion of self. So, it is the journey to continue forward. This is the joy of partnering with the unseeen world. Although not new, but a constant in life, it will be that which will be able to manifest all that is considered new for you.

Opening to the wholeness of life is new and as it emerges you will be touched with the newness of sight and speaking freely to all that you desire as your vision to be, finally. Many choose not to believe in the magic of life that is the faery tales of all of existence. To grasp that this is truth is an integration and definintely a new beginning. The behind the scenes is what fascinates you for it is this seed to discover what and why things appear to happen as they do. It is this opening that allows emergence to escape on the journey of walking as a whole being whether one believes it is to be.

The seed of emergence has been watered and nourished in all that has brought you to this day. Looking back it was all that you desired and prayed for which shall now emerge as new vision, to see along with a new life to teach, and a new self in partnership with the unseeen world. Although, still part of the universal realm of Gaia in wholeness.

"Do you believe in the magic of life ..." Linda A.

  • Q. What are the deeper levels of awareness or creative, formative forces for me? 
  • How do I make the world my ally now?
  • What are the new possibilities and new doors that will open?

A. As you walk the stone circle you are learning that the journey of parnership and alliance is the vitality of your energy and power to find the key within to open the realms of unseen world and The Sidhe. Love is that key that governs the earth forces to become an awareness of creative desire within. The world becomes an ally because of the love you embrace for the land daily. To love is to take care of that which you bestow love on. In doing so, the world on a whole accepts these gifts of love you personally offer.

To move forward is your choice and it is the opening of all the new possibilities that will be part of your destiny. The universe supports you by opening the doors needed for you to be in partnership with the unseen world and The Sidhe. It has begun as you are aware in all that is consistent in your choices as wholeness, is a vital key, as well to unlock the subtle world of life as part of the process of the world as an ally.

The path of love takes you forward one day at a time as well as the travels at night that are not remembered. It will be a day soon where all will be seen, acknowledged and collaborated to do the work to be of service together; unseen world, The Sidhe and Human. As we are all acquantances simply being reunited.

"Do you feel whole in self ..." - Linda 

  • Q. What is within me that I can now access in the way of blessing, guidance, and vision?
  • What higher powers and forces are present in my life?
  • What do I need to do now?

A.  The path is long but filled with guidance by the consistency of desire. There is a flow of blessing and guidance in the visions of your night and many during the day. Quick as a flash and can be missed. Still, your journey is one of belief so strong in thought, word, and action that those higher powers are with you. These are the higher powers of Gaia, Spirit, and those you are grateful for on this path of growth. There is no need for you to do anything different as you blend with the unseen world and The Sidhe attunement, which creates collaboration.

In saying 'yes' to this adventure the doors of Spirit are flung open wide. We celebrate you for asking and attuning to us to help humanity. It is the path of change and growth which expands your field out to us so that we can work together as a team. We are honored as you are grateful for this partnership. It is this opening that allows us to bless, guide, and allow your vision of us to be. The higher powers of the Spirit world are many that you have joined with prior to us through all that you practice daily. We are now blessed by you by joining in collaboration. 
Love & Light, Linda

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