Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 14: A Channeling!


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I invite you to read this blog with an open mind that obtains information for the world we are living in at this moment in time. We can receive help from the unseen world through the action of asking for it. Personally, I asked and this is what I received... The following four questions I am asking you to ponder:

What are your beliefs around life at this time?

  • Do you trust all that you are witness to daily?
  • How do you feel personally about Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, Totem Animals, Faeries?
  • Where are you at this moment when it comes to trusting the Powers that be??

When we sit in silence taking pen to paper we connect to the essence of our soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on their words, as if they are talking to you personally.

  • Q. What lessons and gifts do I need to remember and understand on this journey to move forward?

A. It is the far seeing ability of outcome that many refuse to be inspired by. This is a gift you possess that manifests tomorrow because of today. Yes, there are lessons in life for all and many do not become aware of a lesson when they refuse to not learn, to not choose another way. Lessons can be the choice of possibility. It always comes down to how one chooses in life.

To develop far seeing is the harmony of self in life to be awakened that there is always another way to choose once again. Many refuse to look within and struggle daily with beliefs that fill them with fear. In doing so, there is no harmony in their lives by their own choices. Ignorance can be bliss until one opens their mind to another possibility. Being attached to the self of fear eliminates another choice.

Many desire change in their lives but refuse to make the change because they fear what could be is not familiar. To choose another way is to choose far seeing abilities that trust is part of life's game to be lived in harmony. Choose for the self that which can only be of harmony. Look out past the moment, look out to the horizon of all you can be to help another for this is a lesson learned and your true gift. Patience in teaching is a great attribute you possess. No force, just love is to be offered. Love is the only needed choice for harmony of self.

"Do you believe in your power to change ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. What can emerge in my life now?
  • Are there any obstacles before me?

A. The new is the possibility that will emerge because of your courage. You have chosen to step forward and to fly. Your choices are true to your path. It is and shall be different and unfamiliar but it offers you a platform of yours. The only obstacles could be, you at this time. Belief in all that you have journeyed will support you to the steps of true freedom to explore. Your dreams shall come true as long as you stay the course, no matter what situation arises in the future.

The plan of passion is your purpose. That which shall emerge is all that you can offer to heal humanity. It is not one but many. You cannot fail at this because you have an inner knowing that guides you daily. Yes, an obstacle can arrive but you will be able to go beyond anything that is fear based. As a being of love it is your light that humanity needs in darkest of times.

Many shall find your truth of self as a healing message for them to learn from. It is a vision of sorts that needs to be fulfilled only by you. To dive in or to fly above is to trust that you are safe. Know that there can never be a mistake in life when you choose love.

  • Love to share.
  • Love to teach.
  • Love to open another's heart is powerful. 

To be understanding to see all another can be is true love with no jugent. Fly forward and freedom is yours.

  • Q. What is this emergence that is now beginning?

A. A mastery of self is the vision of your goals that you seek. Walking the Circle of Life is a path towards this mastery. For it to emerge work is required on your part. A sort of sight to go beyond the normal that you see. It is a vision that is broad and known for you to develop. Many travel their past over and over, day after day until it is too late. There is a moment, a quick flash that allows one to fly above to see the sight that is far seeing and beyond the normal. This shall emerge in a life, that like you have done chooses to grow and change. It is this vision that you set your heart to follow.

It is an understanding of life as a whole not as a separate aspect of living. No respect for life as it is, denies one the mastery to live the life of their dreams. It is always a choice. For you it has always been a desire to seek freedom from that which is controlling. To go with the flow carries you forward gently to the future. It shall be a path of mastery to learn and to teach for humanity to heal.

Mother Gaia is proud of your contribution to her essence as a living breathing part of existence. To open to her love and support will benefit you as well. Many are clueless to the world's beauty and living aspects of all of life. This is to be a teaching in itself, as well. Opening another's heart to discover the joy of life is in living a joyful life filled with an inner peace that is grounding and certain for all. It begins with mastery of self to emerge to be shared as love for all. Love for life is living with joy of life daily.

"Do you feel free of judgment and criticism ..." Linda A.

  • Q. Do I carry responsibility in my life now?
  • Or, do I need to do so in a wise way?
  • How long before I get to see The Sidhe?

A. Your life is full of responsibility for many. It is being responsible for self and doing so in a wise way at all times. The journey of self has molded you to pace yourself with wise ways of being. It is a deep process of awareness of self and others that you are extremely responsible to. However, life has changed before for you and shall now change once more, as you become a teacher to humanity on a platform. This is a wise teacher that seeks to be of service full of the knowledge to share knowing of the gift of responsibility that is of you. It is a calmness that you set as your journey that fulfills an inner peace to develop and shine out of your light.

We, The Sidhe within are drawn to your peace as we are of peace ourselves. It is not a question of how long for we visit you at dream time. It is a matter of you opening to us as your ancestors that will infuse sight upon you when you are ready. A light breeze, a smell or just a vision in meditation like a blink of the eye will become the sight you will see.

There is energy as an essence of life that you are aware of. This will develop a deeper connection to the wholeness of existence. These shall be a new way of being daily for you to be open to and connecting sight with vision to see. To see is to know what you are seeing is one life beyond the normal human experience and you are to be secure in this choice as a collaboration and partnership.

"What do you believe are your responsibilities in life ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. How do I let go, open to the new, the unknown and the possible?
  • What action do I need to take that is guided by attunement and wisdom?
  • What are my capabilities from such attunement?

A.  Reflection on the path of your life is the attunement to grace and blessings. To not judge or criticize another! To simply let go of any outcome that will serve you but serve the highest good for humanity. That which is unknown today will be known tomorrow. There is action in all of life by the choices you choose.

For example, your open belief of freedom for all to choose. Many do not respect. There is no need to control another. As there is no need to blame another for one's situations in life at any given time.

Attunement to life is acceptance and adaptability that 'all is one.' To heal or change another cannot be until one heals and changes individually. The capabilities from this attunement is insight and guidance to let another choose how they want to live in todays world. It is an open door for all as 'free will' is given to all. 

The inner wisdom of self guides your thoughts and words. Many fear all they have learned, and all that they will learn because fear is familiar. It is a journey of many lifetimes, choices, and some are fearful as well, at times filled with love. There is a oneness to life that is a cycle of belief in attunement, widsom, and grace. It is a choice of all that creates either separation or wholeness for humanity at this time.
Love & Light, Linda

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