Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 15: A Channeling!


Average Reading Time: 5 min

I invite you to share your thoughts and beliefs about channeling! If you believe in Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters and a Higher intelligence what else do you believe in?

I look forward to your comments on...

  • Do you meditate daily?
  • Do you trust in a Higher Intelligence?
  • Where does prayer come into your life at this time?

When we sit in silence taking pen to paper we connect to the essence of our soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on their words, as if they are talking to you personally.

  • Q. What work is required of me at this time?
  • What is it that bursts within as fertility for abundance?

A. The journey did not begin this day. That which is work is the personal dedication to connect to Spirit and now to the unseen world. Maybe you do not feel it is work but more the learning you desire as a form of growth of self. Still consistency of time is designed as work for most. Many do not take the time as you do to learn, study, read, write and teach.

Fertility is all that is within and unique to you. It is whatever you decide to give birth to that is new to you and help humanity to think. It is time for humanity to pay attention to their thoughts. It will awaken a teaching for them of the realization of who they are and the power they possess individually. Life is to be enjoyed and yet humanity struggles with a belief that kills them. It is, that they need more materially to be abundant. This is not so!

  • Inner peace with self! 
  • Connection to Spirit! 
  • Kindness shown to another! 
  • Unconditional love of self opens many doors to unconditonally love others. 
  • Love of Gaia followed with respect for the damage done to her by humanity. 
  • This is an abundant life being lived.

To sit in silence. To pray. To ask for help from a Divine Intellligence of choice fills one with an overflowing of abundance in their life. Abundance is unique to each one when they release the thoughts of material desires. Abundance is yours in many ways this day because of the work that has been done.

"What are your thoughts on abundance ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. What is it I need to do now?
  • What can I bring to the feasting table of life?

A. Much is given by you and your open heart for all. It is the abundance of self that you bring to the feasting table. Giving of all you possess, as well as sharing love with all, is truth of self. There is tremendous change arising shortly as we cooperate human and The Sidhe to help humanity benefit from raising their vibration. As we feast as one, blending all that we have to give, abundance is the celebration of the appreciation that is awakened.

Many are closed minded when it comes to sharing with another because of the fear that there is not enough. There is always enough for all at the feasting table of life. As humanity opens to being in cooperation with the life they live sharing, and giving, they nourish themselves as well as, another. It always returns to the process of healing oneself and another is also healed, as we are the concept of one desiring for wholeness.

  • Q. How am I doing with discernment in my life; relationships,  goals, and direction I am taking, visions, and achievements?
  • What is it that leaves me empty and unfulfilled?

A. Your awareness, insight, and desire to be of service allows you perfect discernment in all aspects of your daily life existence. Your gifted in following direction for self and others. It is the goals you move toward that fills you with joy. Paying attention to what is true and what is not has brought you forward, and to this page proudly.

It is in the personal relationship you share life with that leaves you unfulfilled. It is a journey that has in your eyes allowed you to expand into self and with wise discernment allow  you to travel alongside Gaia's consciousness to the only world that bears truth. There will come a time when your expansion will benefit many in the form of service that you seek. This is the achievement and fulfillment of your lifetime experience that is to be.

"Do you live a fulfilled life ..." Linda A.

  • Q. What is no longer necessary or useful in my life?
  • What in my life grounds and anchors me?
  • What deep ancestral knowledge and wisdom blesses me?

A. There is a deep ancestral wisdom that connects you today to Gaia, to the land of life that journeys your path with you. It is this belief system that grounds you with deep roots to act as you do. It is the releasing of what no longer is necessary or useful that has been received by you. It has been the choices, beliefs, and patterns of others that are not only released but have never been of any use to you.

The development of distance and the act of detachment has blessed you fully. That which you get lost in and is a deep passion grounds you and anchors you. Look at  your days and how full they are as you surround yourself with the act of the written word. It is a love that fills your soul. A simple choice to share information through this act has roots of self embedded in your daily choices. Even choosing a book allows a connection of self that has purpose.

Your mind, heart, and soul are nourished by all that you do daily. Balance is required though and that is where your human responsibilities take you away from all that you rather do. It is the wholeness of Spirit/Human that will benefit you the most. It is coming sooner than you imagine when your light of self will be that which heals many. The plan is in motion and your eagerness is filled with a deep passion and your purpose that you cannot deny. Do as you do is key to a continued wholeness of self.

"What creates wholeness of self for you ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. What is this yearning and aspiration that is not satisfied yet?
  • What is the impossible that I desire to be possible now?

A.  The wonder, magic, and imaginaiton stems from that which is unknown. This yearning is a need to return to that which is fulness deep within the soul of self. The soul seeks and yearns and needs the body to trust it is so.

Wonderment is of the imagination as a writer that you possess. The love of the written word propels you to realities that are possible and what needs to be experienced. To develop all that the soul desires is possible and not impossible.

However, the connection of wholeness is a requirement. To develop wholeness, work is required. Inspiration is given by the soul of self as the vessel provides trust in an unseen reality to finally be seen.

There is a connection that is called belief of soul that makes all things possible in human life. Trust of soul allows the path to unfold and open the world of wonder so that imagination is ignited and yearning is satisfied for body, mind, and soul.
Love & Light, Linda

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