Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 16: A Channeling!


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What are your beliefs when it comes to the magical, mystical mysteries of life? I am interested in your beliefs!

I look forward to your comments and answers ...

  • Do you believe you are a Light Being here with a purpose?
  • What changes would you like to manifest in your personal life?
  • Do you love and respect our Mother Gaia?

When we sit in silence taking pen to paper we connect to the essence of our soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on their words, as if they are talking to you personally.

  • Q. What creative and magical abilities do I possess?
  • What will I teach that will help humanity?
  • What books will I be inspired to write?

A.  Your light is shining out in all that you do for hours on end. The creative and magical abilities you possess is the wholeness of self. To share, is to teach. It matters that it is not of your teaching abilitiy but even more powerful when it comes from another. All that you study, think, speak, write, and share is a form of teaching. The love of books and writing are a form of learning, as well as teaching. You are writing books daily even now as you channel our words. Is this not a book in itself, I ask you?

Many choose another way of existence so different from your daily choices. It is this ability to stay focused and dedicated to all you can be to help The Sidhe, as a human that blesses many. It is a team we have become as the magical essence of The Sidhe will now infiltrate your words for the whole of humanity that desires these teachings. It is the joy you bring that allows many to learn another alternative belief system for them.  Of course, this has never been alternative to you but more a feeling of truth of self. It resonates with you to be as you do.

Know this is the purity of your choices daily. Open your heart to all that travels alongside the path of your journey as a true teacher of love for all that manifests change, growth, and expansion for the whole of humanity.

"What are your daily chores that you enjoy ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. How do I influence my outcome to be part of the world of wholeness and new possibilities?
  • When can I retreat into your magical realm?

A. Your soul cries to return to the essence of  magic on a daily basis. It is to be! Continue on your journey as a writer of the written word to teach about trust and the truth of outcomes desired. Many cannot imagine the unseen realms as a reality. Yet, you do and travel at night to return to us.

There is always change and action in life. There is never one without the other. A human has to move towards what the soul desires not what the human believes it wants. The magic of life is the opening of self to a connection to the soul of self. Once this is created the magic of existence unfolds. There is much need for belief, trust, and magic in humanity at this time. Love is needed for self so that others will be loved.

Humanity is stuck in their own mud and refuse to become unstuck. It always takes an action that is needed that is positive. Much arises from trusting that there is a path, purpose, and journey unique to teach one individually. Opening to belief that anything is possible allows the unseen world of elementals to guide your journey. We, The Sidhe are ancestral as you are and much has happened for many lifetimes that damaged the human essence because of 'free will.' An experiment sometimes has to be reconfigured and started anew. This is the time for humanity to begin again.

  • Q. What are my gifts and abilities as this new being to bring wholeness to the world with The Sidhe?
  • What is this new life that will now emerge for me?
  • What is this vision that guides me today?

A. Look around at all your relationships that you, as a human being are adaptable to. Do you  not see the difference in you compared to others in your life? It is this difference of belief that is considered to be at this time on earth but few are truly aware of the connection that is needed to help humanity to raise their vibration as you have done. These are your gifts. The knowing to move forward in life by the simplest of acts when one chooses love. You are living this new life daily by your focus, concentration and sharing abilities.

Remember sharing is teaching! Teaching is a platform that is opening to a wider audience and it has always been your vision. As the blocks and implants dissolve that which will emerge is the manifestation of your dreams. Your strength of self is the wholeness that will reflect, as you join with The Sidhe and travel the unknown world with an open heart.

There is such a desire to know and remember that pours out of your soul that shall now be received. To be whole is to connect with love to the whole of existence. No separation! Be you! Simply, be you, the essence of a light being sharing love to all.

"Do you think of yorself as a light being ..." Linda A.

  • Q. How do I play a role in this new humanity?
  • Have I chipped away the encasements of my life?
  • Have I manifested a new self?

A. The chipping away of all that was not truth is powerful to embrace. It is this new self that now emerges into life. A new self of belief that will teach of the new humanity that now has to rise for Gaia. There can be no excuses for Gaia is in need of a new humanity to heal. There is power when joining together as a new self of choice to share with humanity that there is nothing to fear.

The power rests within all to shape their lives on the journey of truth of self. The encasements of life need to be broken because they no longer serve Gaia. 'Free will' is out of control and Gaia is in pain. The need to cleanse herself is causing separation and blame instead of unity. The new humanity is a teaching of unity as, all are 'one.'

The need for partnership with us is key for you at this time. You are open! You have chipped into a new self all the encasements that no longer serve you. The simplicity of these encasements is a belief that the power rests within to create change to choose another way to think, speak, and act in all relationships. It is now the time to teach to choose another way; if there is fear, anger, hate, or a belief in separation.

"Do you believe we are 'ONE' ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. What is expected from me to heal the damage to myself and to the environment
  • How do I now serve the responsibility for wholeness in the world?
  • I will sit now in the Throne of Gaia within myself gladly...

A.  It is this opening of self that will heal the essence of all damage on Gaia through love. It is an awakening to the awareness of life that is empty of love, joy, or happiness. If there is fear, struggle, and sorrow karma is being manifested for all. It is not an individual aspect of a life journey. We are 'one.' We are connected by Gaia as 'one' and all the elements that are in existence on a daily basis.

Many are empty of a need to do for another as a gift of service. Many are detached from even helping themsleves. Many are fearful because of a dead belief system that is not working.

To sit on the Throne of Gaia is an act of service that one is whole. It is this wholeness within self that stretches out with the light of love to all the world. Step-by-step forward is the greatest responsibility to commit oneself to. The past is to be forgiven by the simple act that today another choice can be made. It is an opening to all; creature, faerie, humanity, The Sidhe, and Gaia in partnership.

This is the truth of wholeness and responsibility for the one who serves. There is no separation only unity and a joining with love to heal all. It is about knowing there is only 'oneness' for there is nothing else to heal but the hearts that are wounded by their own choices.
Love & Light, Linda

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