Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 18: A Channeling!


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How are you struggling with the demands that are being put on you at this time?

  • Are you awake to the challenges of life?
  • Are you fearful of the future?

When we sit in silence taking pen to paper we connect to the essence of our soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on their words, as if they are talking to you personally.

  • Q. What are the connections between; occupation, family, goals, where we live and our identity, boundary, connection and emergence with The Sidhe?

A.  The humans are a group of unaware people as a society of self comes first. Each need to awaken to the actions they strive for in all aspects of life. Why are they in a working occupation they do not enjoy?How does this serve their soul's identity? It is an attitude of love humans believe when they come into a family. Still, boundaries need to be set to survive the choices of others. Humans need to set healthy, loving goals for the self. When there is connection to self and Spirit, boundaries are a requirement to manifest ones goals.

Many exist unaware of how they live and why they live as they do. How is one to emerge to their path of passion, and purpose if they suffer in an environment that is unhealthy for them. The reality of this human existence is that energy has dwindled down out of the picture of their connection to self. There is a void that is empty of the distinction of connection to 'the all that is.'

It is this The Sidhe is aware of and desires to explain to humans that the choices they desire create all that manifests in their job, family, goals, and where they live. It is the act of awakening to ones true identity to set boundaries and goals that will manifest their connection to the energies of life so that they can emerge whole.

"What are your thoughts on where you are at this time in life ..." - Linda A.

  • Q. What is hidden within that will be a beginning I have conceived to bring forth?

A.  The journey is that which is truth of self. Your foundational beliefs that are arising to the surface these past years. It is that which was hidden. Now the time has come for the conception to rise and be known. Only you, individually have the power to share that which will be a beginning for another to seek.

It is the seeds of thought, that lie dormant waiting to grow to the light of self. Foundation-ally, it is the strength of ones truth when known. Identity of self plays a part in that which one discovers from their foundation. It needs to be secure and strong to be powerful. It is that part of self, that holds everything together. In life, many are not aware of their truth as you are.


Q. What is it I am to shape into existence and express?

A. It is that which inspires your belief in the oneness of life. To shape a teaching around the elemental unseen world so that others will believe. What you choose to express comes from Source Energy daily. The best form of this expression for you is through the written word. The gift is within the soul of self and by the use of it many are inspired to look at life through a different view.

You might say, an alternative belief that has inspired you to grow and expand and still know you are believable. There is need for your words to be expressed and shaped into a believable teaching that stems from Source. Many will benefit from your teachings.

"Are you curious about The Sidhe yet ..." Linda A.

  • Q. What is it that I need to connect and relate to?

A. There is an opening to the soul of self that knows all. When allowing wisdom to be known one connects to the Source of 'all that is.' All relates from this point of connection to the essence of their purpose, passion, and reason for being. It is that which connects and relates as one would connect to the dots to make sence of a story. Few are gifted with the inner wisdom to do so. Few travel life totally unaware of their power to offer their light to another.

It has been a society of disonnection with no relating that all are 'one.' It can be deemed if one looks within, that as humans all have a soul and connection to soul is necessary to awaken from the sleep of the ego. The power lies within all to know that spirituality is the essence of their light that they carry to help another with  love that is unconditional.

Love that is not unconditional does not stem from the soul. Many view life as a means of their existence to exist as a society. To work, make money to live and acquire objects of desire. The soul exists to learn, teach, and connect with love to all, while being of service. This is truth for you but not for others. It is a joy of love and light that you connect to and relate to as a whole being.

"The soul exists to learn, teach, and connect with love to all..." - Linda A.

  • Q. What is that which is to emerge and transform now?

A.  Emergence is the journey of truth on the path of wholeness. A being of love is  a being of light that transforms many from the depths of despair. Humans cling to the past pains of their lives. That which is to emerge now is to release the past with love. This is a form that will transform those who struggle daily.

  • The past is of the ego. The past is of fear. The past is of no value if a lesson has not been learned.

Love is that which shall emerge. Love transforms fear to no longer exist. Humanity needs to learn, accept, and open their minds and hearts that love is key to peace of self.

  • Love is joy. Love is happiness. Love is kindness. Humanity is ready to choose Love.

Love & Light, Linda

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