Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 20: A Channeling!


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What are your thoughts when it comes to living a truthful life?

  • Do you release and forgive your past? 
  • Do you strive to be happy and whole as a human? 

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on their words, as if they are talking to you personally.

  • Q. What was I to learn from watching the Faerie movie? ( I was inspired to watch a Faerie movie on television)

A.  To believe is key to communicate and sight. There is an essence of belief in many humans. The wonder of the unseen world escapes them once they grow up. As Angels, Ascended Masters, and Saints are believed to be, so it is for the Faerie Realm. Opening to belief is a teaching and as you are aware today there are many that do believe. The books are many now but still there is uncertainty.

You believe as you know in your heart to be the truth. Communication to know and connect with us is through the written word for you. Now be open to the messages you will receive to know we are with you. This is the truth of our realm for you to discover, Earl!

"What do you think about movies and books on the Faerie Realm ..." - Linda A.


Q.  Good morning Earl, Do you have a message for me?

A.  You are surrounded by the elemental realm. Guidance is at your fingertips. Call on me for anything that is a desire of yours to teach. Staying open to my guidance is possible daily, especially when you are in nature. The chaos of life is not yours in anyway. Do not attach yourself to the manifestations of another. It is their choice of 'free will' to live their lives according to the plan they desired to heal from.

As a being of light, all that is required is love and support. No one can help another that refuses help. There is a reason for all and this must be remembered to teach to the fearful. Fear is not to be! Everyone is part of the chain of light that requires to beam out for all. Humanity needs to awaken to their power and believe love is all there is to choose.


Q. Earl, what would you like to share today?

A. We, as ancestors are loyal to Gaia and the 'all that is.' Your path has been a journey of love for lifetimes. The many challenges of being human have been to empower you by how  you choose to live your life. All challenges have a reason for being. The lesson of love, acceptance, and forgiveness that are necessary to create change is essential. Many humans although filled with fear still have the choice of 'free will' to choose another way.

The only way to choose is love. This is a teaching for you to share as to the benefits for another to release the fear and simply choose love. Humans needs to comprehend there has always been a plan.

  • They are never alone. 
  • They will never be punished by Spirit.
  • They can begin by the act of forgiveness of self.

"Do you believe you are never alone ..." Linda A.

Q. What is your plan for me?

A. Consistency and opening to all that can heal Gaia is the plan. As you grow in expansion of self the portal to the unseen realm wil also expand. As you know that there is purpose in life and reason for everything, you are exactly at this time where you need to be. Your insight and desire to be of service stem from many lifetimes of doing so to help your fellow man.

Everything is energy as well as, filled with life to live as you do. Humanity battles themselves but there is always hope for change. Of course, as your ancestor we watch as well, and try to be of service. Few are open to the unseen world as you call us. It is more a belief in Faery Tales. This is the silly part of life and belief. The question is to wonder where the Faery Tales come from? As Source Energy or Divine Intelligence is the Creator of all. We must exist! Right?

"Do you believe in Faery Tales as truth..." - Linda A.


  • Q. Earl, I have acquired a sense of you being around me! I was wondering about the teachings and platform I am building online?
  • Will you inspire me on these?

A.  The journey is opening to all that is to be at this time. It is a deep process to integrate as you channel. There is much to release that is not part of your plan. All  that has come served a lesson for you to learn. In doing so, you opened to a portal with us of sorts because of your desire for more. It is a sort of growth and all growth has steps that one must channel one at a time. There is no jumping forward at any time.

All that you will teach is all that you have learned on this path, you personally planned. Your gift of service is genuine and filled with love that flows from your heart and soul. The connections you have desired will serve you well.
Love & Light, Linda

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