Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 24: A Channeling!


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What questions would you like to ask of Earl of The Sidhe today? 

  • Do you have fears that are disempowering you?
  • Do you struggle with addictions?
  • Do you believe it is necessary to be of service to others?

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally. What would you like to ask of Earl of The Sidhe?

  • (1.8.19) Q. Earl, What is your message for me today?

A.  The downloads you are receiving are the openings to Source Energy and expansion of self to teach humanity to know there is another way. To remember self is to know self. The gifts that many discover in life are part of their passion from many lives. When the lessons are learned, love chosen, and a belief in self, then magic appears. It is this mystery of life that has to return.

Many fear themselves and how truly powerful they are. The darkness of the ego mind roars that they are unworthy. What they believe they are unworthy of, is their own passion and purpose. It is a known belief that they cannot do what they love because fear is the basis of society belief. It is drilled into all in the news, papers, television, radio, and now the internet.

  • Fear comes from man's mind.

"What are your fears ..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, What can you tell me about duality on Gaia?

A.  Humanity has chosen in the past to experience life on Gaia with 'free will.' In doing so, choice was granted in the form of duality. Oneness of self is the essence of all beings of light. Once the memory was no longer about the Light, Love, and Oneness then duality was chosen. It becomes a game of choosing for all on earth how they want to experience life as a human being.

  • To return to the essence of self as a being of Oneness there can be no duality; no you, or me but only a belief in One!
  • Love equals Oneness!
  • Light equals Oneness!

 It has to be a release of all that no longer serves Gaia to allow Oneness to manifest. It will be a path of no duality because it no longer is working for Gaia at this time of change that is needed. 


Q. Earl, What is the reason for addictions on Gaia to harmful substances?

A. The many humans that have deep sorrow and pain within, choose to self medicate. In doing so, their choice becomes a substance that is harmful to them. It is a darkness of demons that is the battle within.

  •  To addict self, is to numb self.

The battle begins and grows with fear and negative belief of self. There is no light for them to behold in front of each day.

The struggle is constant and damage is part of the journey for the vehicle/body. Once again, there is 'free will' and the essence of a new day upon awakening. To 'choose another way,' can be a mantra for the addicted but it is not easy because of the chemicals invovled. 

  • Focus and determinaiton are required to fight the demons.
  • Their fear is powerful and the cycle returns daily for those who give up on themself.

"What addictions are you struggling with ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  What can you share with me about our collaboration?

AThe journey is powerful. Opening to the elemental unseen realm as part of all of life is a teaching. Many books have been written, as well. It is The Sidhe's understanding that you will open the door for many. This is due to the fact of your own transformation. It has been an amazing opening of self to believe, as you do. Your gift truly is one of light that fuels love in all you do. Your strength is part of the debt of your being and belief.

Much will change as change is something you are able to live through. It is a treasure of sorts for me to communicate with you in truth. There is tremendous light that stems from your being to help humanity. This is the plan you chose as the unique human of light and love that you share daily.

"What are your beliefs that are alternative to others..." - Linda A.


  • Q. Earl, What insight can you offer about all that is opening for many at this time?

A.  The journey is becoming a reality of knowing that many are more than a human body, vehicle or vessel. There is an essence in all humans that is in need of sight. 

  • To be seen is to know self.
  • To open to Source Energy!
  • The love and light of self is also the light and love as well, within and without. 
  • Many fear their own truth.
  • To comprehend that life is exactly as you believe is the greatest of insights.

Thoughts are the power of all manifestations. Gifted to all to choose how to believe is their thought process. To act through words is prayer of belief. The daily actions of humanity is the sharing of self with the whole. It is interesting that the simplicty of life stems from the gift of 'free will' for all. Many choose to abuse themself do to fear of self, which in truth is, fear of life. What does one believe is to be searched for eventually by all.

Love & Light, Linda

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