Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 25: A Channeling!


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Fear is of the Ego - self! Love is of the God - self! Which do you nurture

  • Do you believe that you are capable of choosing Love over Fear?
  • Are you aware when your ego roars in your head?
  • Is it a battle that you struggle with daily within; ego vs. Love?

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally. What would you like to ask of Earl of The Sidhe?

  • (1.16.19) Earl, What can you tell me about fear?

A.  That which is fear stems from many avenues. It is a seed planted that grows with belief. Humans are constantly exposed on all levels to what terrible challenges many struggle daily with. There is only Love which stems from all beings of Light here to experience the human form of matter.

"Free will" plays a tremendous part of choice. It is the human who gets to choose daily if they are filled with fear or Love. It cannot be helped when many challenges are present so fear is chosen. To release the attachment to fear the process rests within the heart of self. There sits Love! It is a teaching to open the heart and know fear is not to be part of the life experience if you choose Love. Fear and Love do not travel together.

"Fear is of the Ego ..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, What can you tell me about guilt?

A. Where there is Love guilt is not present. A human who chooses harm towards another fears their own guilt. It is projected as a belief of self. They are guilty so you must be too is the projection offered. Guilt sits in the second chakra and humans have acquired many reasons to carry guilt emotionally in this area of their body. Especially, those who adhere to a religious upbringing. Guilt sits, solid when it comes into humanities sexual choices in the role of a social belief.

Where there is Love there can never be guilt. Humans have subscribed to a belief in the power of duality so all that is considered bad is guilt caused by fear from familial belief growing up. To choose Love is very difficult for many but it is the release of their fear and guilt. The duality of life has come to either a belief in good or bad as the outcome, never Love.


Q. Earl, What can you tell me about shame?

A. As the energy of existence rises to ones inner power through the path of fear and guilt, shame surfaces. The power of thoughts, words, and actions inflicted upon self and by another fuels shame to manifest. It is common in humans because they believe they have no power to begin with. 

  • Many do not stand grounded in their life.
  • Many do no desire to create consciously.

The energy of money has more desire and power. Many are filled with shame of self because of their choices of how much money they need. It is a basis of showing others who they are. Truth of self is the path of Love with no shame because keeping ones power is an awareness of ones choices in life. Placing blame outside of self is the foundation of fear, guilt, and shame emotionally traveling up the energy of the body.

"What  energy do you give to money ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  Do you have a message for me?

AIt is remembering, desire and dedication to the elemental unseen realm that is most important. Consistency in belief, whether in thought, word or action is the road to travel. Humans like yourself have other responsibilities but to return to the road is due diligence. It is a light that beckons from all that heals many.

Staying focused shared with all that happens in your world of responsibilities. As long as, you retutrn to all that is your divine path there is no worries. It is easy for humans to break away from the task at hand because of obligations to another. This is understood and appreciated! However, it is a journey to keep the elemental unseen realm in focus and part of the daily thoughts of self.

"What do you focus on daily consistently..." - Linda A.


  • Q. Earl, What  can you tell me about grief?

A.  The essence of human belief is fear and loss. Humans are  attached to this illusion that life ends. In doing so, grief sits in the heart as a pain that they have to process. They hurt physically because they believe they must.

  • Grief is love, gone forever and there is no cure in the minds of many.
  • Attachment to touch, sight, smell, hearing, and being with another no more is unbearable for most.

There needs to be an understanding that nothing and no one lasts forever. This is the cycle to follow. A pattern of sorts in all phases of existence. Imagine if all believed in eternal life for humans, pets, and life, in general. There would be no grief, sadness, and fear of the unknown. Just a belief that we shall meet again eventually.

Love & Light, Linda

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