Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 28: A Channeling!


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Change is needed at this time in our lives! There are many avenues to travel to open our hearts. We must choose to live our life another way. Especially, if we are unhappy, ill, or angry. 

  • What are you grateful for?
  • Do you try to be of service to others?
  • Has someone done harm to you that you refuse to forgive? 

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally.

  1. What are your thoughts about The Sidhe and the elemental realm in general? 
  2. Would you be interested in communicating with the unseen realm?

Q. (2.14.19) Earl, What can you tell me about The Sidhe?

A.  We are your cousins and are in need of humanities help to heal Gaia and raise the vibration of our cousins. The split of The Sidhe and human has created harm to Gaia and all who live by their choice with "free will." It is time to join in collaboration to choose another way. The few that are open to The Sidhe and in general to the unseen world are chosen because of their love for Gaia and the whole of life on her.

There is a plan that has arisen by the act of cleansing that Gaia has generated to save the whole. To be open to this possibility joins us to work for the good of all life on Gaia, as all are "One." To learn and accept by the teachings of many that there is energy in all of life on Gaia that is aware of the choices of humans even though the humans are not awakened to all that exists.

"Do you believe that we are "One consciousness ..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, What creates the need in humans to do harm to someone they claim to love?

A. The basis of fear fuels all who harm another. It matters not if they love them or not. Love simply is all that everyone comes into the world as Spirit. When the light is dim because of darkness of belief, love steps away and moves deep within. Many use control as a means of offering love however, this is not love but fear and a need to be the one who decides what is best. Again the fear of what needs to be as they wish, sits up front.

No control negates their power and creates harmful thoughts and words, as well as actions. It is a need to know, that angers them, and anger is unhealthy and causes dis-ease within the mind and body. This harm that is projected steps forward in a quick flash of, "I know and you do not!" It is vicious to project such harm towards anyone and the bottom line is fear of not being in control of another.


Q. Earl, What is the difference of belief in life of human vs. spirit?

A. The entanglement of joining a human as a spirit is a battle of ego vs. God of Self. Humans have a belief of just punishment where life is black and white. Many who battle self, fear another way of being. It creates a darkness that life is a chance to acquire money and material objects of wealth. It is an inner need of the ego self to be in control. Darkness stems from pain.

Spirit is pure love of life and self. There is no fear, no darkness and no need to punish another. Life is joy and a complete rainbow of choices to be of service to all. Love connects one to their inner light and truth and there is no need to prove oneself, only a desire to be of service to heal self, will heal all. The split of ego/fear - God/love does not exist. One becomes whole of self living life as Spirit, Light, and Love daily.

  • It is a Mastery of Self.

"What are your thoughts on being of service to self or another ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  Will I ever see you and meet you?

A The time will come when we shall do so. At present lets communicate and continue doing our collaboration. The way of joining is open and the portal of mind is a process of expansion. Let it be all that is envisioned as your plan. Life is unfolding perfectly by all you believe. Opening yourself to the elemental unseen world is the realm of true life that is for all.

  • Belief, love, compassion and love for Gaia is a gift you offer.
  • It is that which we are grateful for. 

For you to live your truth is the basis of our collaboraiton. To communicate through channeling is a tool you now have mastered. I am at your side and in divine timing we shall meet. Stay open to me and this process you are striving for. As you expand your vibraiton and light, we shall meet and continue to help humanity.

"Do you write a gratitude list daily..." - Linda A.


Q. Earl, What message do you have for humanity?

A.  It is a wish that humanity will slow down...

  • A very good choice for most is to stop and connect to Mother Nature. 
  • Opening the mind and heart for all life is a deep beginning. 
  • Returning to a simple life of less!
  • The gathering of all that humans believe they need is complete waste.

This belief of more of everything is causing damage across all of Gaia. There are many that are aware as there are many that are oblivious to life on Gaia. The plastics, clothing, things, cars, toys, and food as the list goes on is not needed.

  • More is not needed.
  • Less across all of life is desired.
  • Becoming aware of the needs of self that fills an individual with joy is a good place to start.

By eliminating the excess in life, the life one lives will be true to the core for them to experience the beauty of Gaia that needs help because of the abundance of waste by humanities needs and choice for more.

Love & Light, Linda

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