Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 29: A Channeling!


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At this time, we can all benefit from the simple act of prayer. Daily, consistent, heartfelt prayer is truly essential now. We, as a society, can help one another by going within for our truth through prayer.

  • Do you have a prayer ritual?
  • Do you search for answers to these times we are living in now?
  • Do you know your reason for being? 

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally.

  1. What are your thoughts on the answers Earl gives to my questions? 
  2. Do you agree with Earl??

Q. (2/09/19) Earl, How does prayer benefit others when I pray for them daily?

A.  It is a blessing you bestow from your heart, mind, and connection to Source Energy. It is a beam of light that travels from you to them. It is the truth of self that belief in prayer is a gift you offer. Those who are open to the light let it in. Those who are not are clueless to such a gift being offered. 

Many fear the light of love and cringe at the essence of the power in accepting light of love into their lives. To them it is unknown and terrifying to embrace. Your gift travels out of your crown chakra and heart chakra to those who are open. That is the power everyone possesses.

The benefit can be a moment of peace, joy, and happiness. A sort of uplifting of their own thoughts. Remember they are not aware of  your prayer or that it comes for them to bless them. It is a moment of feeling good. A chance to open to choose another way.

"Do you believe in praying ..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, How am I doing with these teachings that I am receiving from you?

A. Your open heart directs your choices in life very well. To teach as you learn empowers you with clarity. The awareness you proclaim in all situations is powerful. As a Spirit of Service, there is wholeness now that you have been able to embrace with light and love. The portals of your past are ready to invite you back into the inner truth and wisdom that awaits you.

Many fear the unseen elementals of life and are in denial of there being another way to believe that is complete freedom on any given day. Being open indeed as you are, is a given because of the many lifetimes that have brought you forward to this day. Continue to grasp this knowledge to teach, to be of service to help humanity.


Q. Earl, Why do I seek all that I do now?

A. The essence of your truth is to do all you can in this lifetime with complete and unconditional love. It is the basis of  your being.

  • To know!
  • To serve!
  • To unite! 

Mankind all have that which is their truth or purpose by that which fuels their soul daily. Many refuse to connect to this inner desire out of knowing they must change.

Once the journey begins there is no going back to a life with no passion, or fire to know, to serve, to unite. As the world is completely 'one' in essence created by the divine, that sparks and waits for unity of belief. You searched from the beginning to know the reasons behind life and why people do as they do. In reality, it has been the truth of  your path to teach that love is unconditional.

"What do you want to know ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  What message do you have for me?

A Change has begun. The transition is in motion and you are not alone. All that will come in the future is a plan devised prior to this life. As you believe, many do not and they suffer for loss, sorrow, and change because of being attached to an outcome. There is no outcome only a life lived either in truth of self or not.

To love or fear allows a basis of existence that has been called 'free will.' Many are stuck in fear because anything else is terrifying. It is the familiar that is sure and comforting. Look around at life there is nothing that is permanent. Change is life in all situations, until you choose love, wonder, joy, and acceptance for all fulfills the life experience with a belief that 'all is well.'

"What are you fearful of changing..." - Linda A.


Q. Earl, What  do you believe about this special day (Valentine's Day) to celebrate LOVE?

A.  Yes, a day to celebrate LOVE by expressing with gifts to the one who loves another is interesting to me to behold. Love that is, cannot be expressed by the action of gifts or as you write the day!

The human belief stems on material objects not actions, words, or thoughts. As all are 'one', when there is no Love for life, or happiness,  joy does not fill the mind. Actions and words are not kind, giving, and helpful. 

  • Love is no harm!
  • Love is no abuse!
  • Love is no anger!
  • Love is no hate!

To set a day aside when the rest of the days are not filled with LOVE, as well in expression allows one to stop and become aware of self, and the hope is to remember to choose another way towards that which is LOVE daily. 

This day is a day to bask in 'love of life' through expression and to remember that LOVE is good. One can benefit if they decide to choose another way of being even for just one day. 

Love & Light, Linda

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