Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 30: A Channeling!


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At this time, we can all benefit from the simple act of prayer. Daily, consistent, heartfelt prayer is truly essential now. We, as a society, can help one another by going within for our truth through prayer.

  • Do you have a daily prayer ritual?
  • Do you search for answers to these times we are living in now?
  • Do you know your reason for being? 

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally.

  1. What are your thoughts on the answers Earl gives to my questions? 
  2. Do you agree with Earl???
  3. Are you living your purpose with passion?

Q. (2/15/19) Earl, I feel that I travel to the 5th dimension during the day. Why?

A.  The opening to Source Energy and the expansion of belief helps you to drift away. In leaving 3rd dimension there is a sense of truth and wholeness that calls to your soul. It comforts you to return even for a second or two for the energy of peace and joy. Become aware now afterwards to the essence of your feelings at the return. In the past, you have noticed that you left, now notice how you feel.

The journey of self you are on is full of support and protection. It is to be as you would say, your destiny. There is purpose and passion that only stems from your choices and teachings. Be open to travel at any time. Know you are safe. Be grounded if it helps you to return.

"Do you have a connection to Source Energy ..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, What do you think about money?

A. Interesting this energy called money that humans struggle about. It seems to be a main concern for most. Either there is lack, abundance, or a need for more, either way. For many it makes them fill with fear if they are in the mindset of lack. Even for those who are abundant, fear gets in because of the human condition for more. The need for more in humans fuels the energy across the board. It is this energy that stress is given birth to in all situations.

The truth is money is an energy that was designed to separate humans with the belief of not having enough or for others to want more. In many circles, it is a belief of power, and prayed to and for, as a God of circumstances. Money is an energy that rules the ego of humanity today.


Q. Earl, What can you tell me about dream time and night's meaning?

A. As you escape into utter silence and travel during moments of thoughts, you release what needs to be released from your memory. During this time many travel home to their planets of origin. Some go to school to learn about being human. There is a treasure within the mind to recall desires to manifest in the future. Some can intuitively see the future to be at this time.

There are many that fear releasing the past to move forward while awake. The true meaning of dream time is to gather together to know the path one desires. Messages can be received from loved ones but only if the dreamer suffers greatly. It can be a marvelous comfort to the soul dream time. Humans who fear life though, fear to dream!

"Do you remember your dreams ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  What is abuse and why does it exist daily in many lives?

A The human part of life has many choices that fill the mind and heart with disgust for self. It is truly a projection on another who is filled with light and love. The reality of abuse is dislike of self. In life, it exists for the many due to their contract. Where there is abuse of any kind there is darkness and a closed heart. The human self is stuck in the mind of their first three chakras. Fear, guilt, and shame attack their mind in a vicious cycle.

The chosen one that abuse is projected on is a light filled love of Spirit. This human has agreed to help the loved one come to the light. This is a daily struggle of dark vs light. Darkness is attracted to the light out of a desire to abuse and inflict pain. For them, this is a form of release which sometimes happens because of abuse that they personally experienced. Many are not aware that they are abusive because they have been abused and it comes natural like breathing to them.

The pattern of abuse in life is to awaken and ascend to go towards the light and not fight the light. In doing so, the first three chakras heal, the heart opens and energy flows unstuck up and out with love flowing for themselves now. Abuse is a catalyst that needs to be seen to help growth of self and let change enter into the life experience. Once abuse is no longer, inner peace is embraced for life, for self, and for all.

"Are you abused by anyone or do you abuse others..." - Linda A.


Q. Earl, What  do you believe about marriage and humanities attachment to it?

A.  It is a journey of sorts as part of the control prior to birth as a human.

  • Can it not be for light to brighten a path for one traveling a dark choice? 

Sometimes it is just to conceive a child and to move on. The acttachment to control another through marriage is a part of an inner guidance system to be a catalyst and help another awaken.

Humans are all teachers and the choices of many lessons to be learned come in the form of joining as a family in belief, action, and desire to be of service to the whole.

  • Marriage is a contract devised to join together in love as all existence is sacred.

The attachment today is one of belonging to another but underneath the joining is the essence of karma, lessons to learn, and to awaken to love for all of life.There can be an inner need that benefits from the joining of two souls that support one another in all circumstances with unconditional love. Many humans fear this commitment. In doing so, the marriage ends out of fear of change, support, and love

Love & Light, Linda

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