Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 33: A Channeling!


Average Reading Time: 4min

It seems to me that we are at a crossroads in life when it comes to our Mother Gaia. The change that is upon us is more than a political aspect of life. I believe it is about awakening to stop the abuse that has been created by humans upon themself, others, and our planet.

  • Do you believe that Mother Gaia is alive and feels the abuse projected upon her? 
  • What are your thoughts about being an eternal being who never dies?
  • Do you believe in Faeries, Totem Animals, Dragons, Unicorns, etc?
  • Do you believe in self-love?
  • Are you a being of service to others or to self?

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally. 

Q. (3/7/2019) Earl, Can you help me to make sense of what direction I am to take now?

A.  It is to be as it has been. Opening to our collaboration by thought. These writings are a book to share with others. This is our conversation and it is the truth from that which has manifested. We are cousins from a long time ago, now reuniting to heal our Mother Gaia who suffers greatly from the abuse she has experienced from humans.

What it comes down to, is the child choosing a defense that is not their truth but a way of dealing with a threat in life. Something is harmful, painful, or the preception is not of love by the child. The defense pattern becomes a mask to wear for life until they discover the truth of self and remove the  mask. There is no need any longer to choose a defense as a means of protecting the self.

The disregard for all that she offers to her children has painfully been abused. Humans must awaken to the fact that Gaia is alive. It is the main purpose for these writings. Your purpose and desire to be of service will be in the words we share in a book, this book! The Sidhe and I, Earl of The Sidhe, are the direction to follow forward for you at this time.

"Do you believe we can you stop the abuse in some way that hurts Gaia today..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, Why do humans  not believe in the unseen world of elementals?

A. It has vanished from the inner thought process of many. There is a deep confusion as a human, as to what is real. If they can see it, touch it, and communicate, then an attachment develops. It is this attachment that creates grief and sadness. Loss is sorrow for all if they do not believe in eternity, as the existence of life.

To do so, is a beginning thought of; 

  • I am eternal, so where do I go? 
  • Who is going to be there with me?
  • What is unseen must be real in some way?

The many movies and books on Angels, Faeries, Leprechauns, and even Saints are a thought to consider as a part of life that has a purpose. Belief in a greater Divine power incorporates the unseen world.


Q. Earl, What can you tell me about the emotions and the portals, I see?

A. There is the connection of self that joins within emotionally to the inner self of being. The human carries the chakras within. The colors of the portals relate to these chakras. To see them now enables  you to be aware of the deepest of sight that is part of the plan of life. 

  • The first three chakras need healing to exist in a healthy state of being.
  • The fourth chakra will open to love of self when healing takes place.
  • Truth of self opens with belief of self in chakra five. 
  • The bridge, chakra four has to be crossed to rise to this ability of truth, insight and divine guidance, as the portals are full, balanced, and cleared by thought, word and action.

Opening to see the portals now is to help another heal. It is an ability to possess as a healer of humanity. To be of service, is to choose to do for others. You have chosen wisely!

"Do you balance your chakras ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  What is the purpose for humanity choosing to blame another?

A It is not taking responsibility for the self. In reality, it is denial of oneself. Blame projected out is fear that another would discover the lies one chooses for self. Belief is a power that can go astray at times. To believe in self only and have a closed heart is to not heal.

The reason one experiences life is to learn lessons of self to expand ones consciousness.

  • All are here to learn the game of existence as a being of light and love. 
  • All who do not take complete responsibility for one's thoughts, words, and actions, blame another. 
  • This is a true projection of fear.
  • It is denial that one manifests, and is the co-creator of their life.

"Do you carry any fear..." - Linda A.


Q. Earl, What do I need to know today?

A.  Slow down! Stay true to your path. Being of service is filled with love of self to share with others. Take time to process all that is going on in life. The energies are many that are flying around you. Cleansing of self is powerful as well as, the foods you consume.

  • Be focused and inspiration will offer clarity for all you desire. 
  • The path is prepared.
  • Be aware what is for you to embrace and let the rest be released. 

There is lots of change coming. Rest when it is needed. 


Use your tools as well, that you share with others. What benefits you is being fulfilled by your choices. Stay true to all you can be, by now doing that which you love and are passionate about.

Love & Light, Linda

Meditate, Pray, Journal