Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 37: A Channeling!


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Typing up this week channeling from 2019, I am aware that at this time in our society, we simple need to be kind to one another. What better way to do so than to share wisdom and knowledge with acts of love towards one another. Personally, I am aware that fear is abundant because of the 2020 covid situation. However, calling a friend, sending a card or letter, email, or text to simply say, 'hi,' can put a smile on someone's face. This is the holiday season and we are all busy but let's reach out to someone that we haven't had contact with for a long time because of the restrictions placed on our lives during this time.

  • Do you believe that change is part of the transition of life? 
  • Are you capable of going with the flow of life or do you react negatively?
  • Do you believe that there is an entire world that is unseen called the elemental realm?
  • What are your thoughts when it comes to Love of Self?
  • Do you choose to be of service to self first, or others?

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally. 

Q. (4/01/2019) Earl, What information can you share with me this day?

A.  The journey of change and transition is upon your life experience. As a woman of spiritual belief and open to 'the all that is,' this will be of a great benefit for you. Know that where there is love there is God. 

  • The world of Spirit supports you. 
  • The world of Spirit blesses your choices.

The simple awareness of Self and all that is ritual for you offers clarity and insight. Where there is an open-heart with respect for another's choices, Spirit supports and embraces you with light. To be aware, to be, and do, trusting there is a reason for all in life is a gift you enjoy. This is a lesson you have learned and respect with an open heart and mind.

"Where there is Love, there is God ..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, What can you tell me about the path of life this day?

A. All walk a golden path of love filled with the essence of light to open and share. As humans, spirituality is abundant. It is a path you have chosen for lifetimes. It is now, that you personally, allowed yourself to go with the flow as planned. This choice is open to all.

The many humans you share your life with feel this love deep within them and are deeply bonded to you. This path, this day, is widening now to explore outside the familiar. In doing so, many will benefit and feel blessed to be on this path with you. There is room for many to share information with, as you expand out into the universe now.

  • Be brave!
  • Be you!
  • Always stay true to your essence of self!

Q. Earl, What do you believe is the reason fo rthis new direction many are given?

A. It is a necessary change going within self to obtain the required tools. Healing self is a requirement before one can heal another. Your journey with The Sidhe, and myself, is a divine path of knowing.

  • To heal Gaia is to heal humanity.
  • It is to be!
  • It is a needed change to allow the direction needed to flow forward.

The world of the elemental realm is right outside. Look up! Get up! Travel with Gaia when she beckons you to do so. Know the silence to learn, and be witness to all but mostly to have access to. The path changes for the good at all times when expansion is required. It is a new direction to breathe in the elements of Gaia.

"Silence is required to learn a new path ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  How do you believe I am doing with all this new information I am downloading?

A  The light of self has been illuminated. The unseen world of elementals bask in your glow. A steady focus for all that you do is filled with the beam of love. There is an inner joy and wisdom that is being birthed now. Be as you are! Remember to honor the Self of your I AM Presence and choose wisely your words.

  • Love is key and everything else is what humans fear the most. 
  • Love is the reason for being. 
  • Love of Self is knowing Self. 

Humanity has much to learn and all that you are inspired to teach and share is a benefit. Many get trapped in the thoughts of the ego. They need to know the power they possess is to connect to the God within their mind and heart. The mind is blessed with the love of the heart for Self.

"How well do you know your Self ..." - Linda A.


Q. Earl, My life is amazing! Would you say I am deeply connected now to Spirit daily?

The truth of your daily thoughts, words, and actions has brought you to this moment. The love you emrbace for life daily is abundant.

You are blessed because of all you empower yourself with by ritual. No belief in lack is the path to all your dreams manifesting.

Many are clueless to their power. You use your power wisely.


Being of service is sharing all that you know to help another. It is the mystery of life that humans cannot comprehend. Be kind, happy and joyful as you socialize amongst each other. Communicate to embrace life as 'One!' 

  • Love is the essence that sits within all and waits to be shared daily.

Love & Light, Linda

Meditate, Pray, Journal