Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 39: A Channeling!


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The joy during the magical month of December comes with the celebrations, family, and friends we share our life with. The choice is to be happy and joyful or not. What we focus our attention on is what we manifest.  We are powerful beings of light experiencing this human time right now. Our power begins with our thoughts, words, and actions. How we treat ourselves and others is the truth of our soul's passion and purpose. Choosing wisely begins with embracing love as the only choice now.

  • Do you feel happy?
  • Have you connected to your soul's purpose?
  • What do you focus on daily?
  • Is your personality one of love, joy and happiness?
  • Who are you looking to be of service to at this time of year?

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally. 

Q. (4/13/2019) Earl, I am extremly happy and feel very blessed. How is this happening??

A.  Energy of Light and Love beamed out to others creates the essence of self to be joined in all that is truth, whole, and possible. The magic of life is to adhere to how you feel emotionally. The mystery of life is humans have control of how they desire to feel. The mystical part of life is that nothing is as it has been taught or believed to be.

Connection to Source Energy through prayer, meditation, writing, and thinking before one speaks is extremely powerful for all to develop. The plan is for humanity to literally, wake up that they have power. Pay attention to how the power is used.

Your happiness  stems from the years of commitment, consistency and belief. You are blessed by all because how you feel has an effect on all.

"Your power is in your beliefs..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, Do you know my Soul's purpose?

A. That which you are passionate and delighted in pursuing daily is the purpose of your soul. It is the connection that allows the expansion and vibration of self to be ignited by the focus and consistency in all that you cherish. There is a belief within the mind of self that is powerful and part of the purpose to know the depths of meaning in life. This is a discovery for all to undertake.

All that consumes you from moment to moment is your purpose with love as the emotion. To do as you do, without hesitation, belief, and joy is the path of your destiny. As you collaborate with The Sidhe and elementals you are definitley connecting to your souls purpose.


Q. Earl, Do you have a message for me?

A. The journey of your passion, purpose, and soul's destiny is clear. As you move, forward daily focused and determined all shall manifest as you deem it to be.

  • There is no rush!
  • There is divine timing and with the light of your love for all that serves you there is joy.
  • Keep joy in your heart for many desire to learn from your teachings.

Follow through on the thoughts of your mind as they appear. It is time to be focused on the words you share as a being of change. Change is needed in the world today. It is this opening to the unseen world of elementals, faeries, dragons, unicorns, and crystal skulls that await the outcome of your story to be shared. 

This is a golden path you have chosen!

"Be aware of the words you think and speak ..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  Can you tell me about the essence of my soul as you see it?

A  A soul of light and profound love is evident for me to witness. I feel honored to be in collaboration with the purity of your soul as it delights in being honored as well. The soul is your personality of joy, love, happiness, and laughter. 

  • It has guided you on this journey that you experience now.
  • It is the deepest self of you for eternity and knows all you are capable of creating.

There is an essence of self that you bear witness to in your daily performance as a spirit of being of service. It is very evident to me that you have connected to the truth of self that rests within the soul of self. You are a being of light that exemplifies love within and outward as well.

"Pay attention to the voice of your soul..." - Linda A.


Q. Earl, What do you want to tell me today to help me on this journey of our collaboration?

The time is now to join self with the purity of your thoughts, words, and actions at all times. Releasing all that does not serve you will empower your soul's insights. As a human form the soul craves the Spirit of Self. 

  • In belief, the Spirit is whole and filled with complete love that beams out light for humanity.
  • We, you, and I, are on this path together as we collaborate to help one another.

The healing is always for all and takes place within the heart of love. Now this is an awareness you have been given. Use it to heal those who are attracted to your beliefs through the written word as a Spiritual Teacher now.

Love & Light, Linda

Meditate, Pray, Journal