Earl of The Sidhe, Episode 40: A Channeling!


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WOW! We have been on quite a journey with The Sidhe during these channelings. As this year comes to an end, so shall these posts for now. I look forward to what is planned for me personally, in the New Year. I hope in some way your mind has been opened to new possibilities that wait for you to be discovered. May the holidays allow you to embrace unconditional love for yourself and all of humanity.

  • Do you go with the flow of life?
  • Are you aware of the energy of your vibration daily?
  • What are your thoughts on way-showers, light-workers or teachers-of light?
  • What are your concerns about the waste on our planet at this time?
  • Are you dedicated to certain daily rituals?

When you sit in silence taking pen to paper, you connect to the essence of your soul. For me, this has been a powerful journey with our cousins, The Sidhe. Take a moment to reflect on Earl's words, as if he is talking to you personally. 

Q. (4/22/2019) Earl, what can you tell me this day?

A.  Going with the flow of your life at this time is imperative for your harmony. The rituals are many daily that you have chosen to subscribe to. It is understood when change appears and all cannot be as you desire it to be. Opening your mind and heart to be of service is the game you have manifested. To do so, going along with what comes your way in the Spirit of Self, allows an acceptance to be of love no matter what.

The power rests within always on how you choose to react. No one can be you. Only that which you have desired is the path that is manifested. The soul knows all the teachings that are required. Be open to choosing wisely to gather the truth of your essence, as that which is love always beams out of you.

"No one can be you..." - Linda A.


Q.  Earl, How am I processing the many changes in my life that are within now?

A. As we grow and raise the vibration of self to benefit the out flow of humanity life is not as it is. This is the truth of a deeper discovery of self. The remembrance of a part of self that rests within is the magic of your life now. The path chosen to work with all beings of invisible realms is powerful to witness that is generated which unfolds as truth of self.

It is the belief expressed within the mind that fulfills the soul's path. Yes, it is aware, as I am aware of all you honor and respect, as the beauty of your existence. This  is the part that can be called by nonbelievers as mystical. The truth is that all of all life is waiting to be embraced as the magic, mystical and mystery that is. You have grasped it all with an open mind, body, and soul now.


Q. Earl, What can you tell me about the planet Lyra?

A. It is a paradise where many faeries live. It has luscious greenery and flowers. Love and joy fill the time at Lyra. There is peace and happiness that is part of the essence of those seeded from there.

The unique part of this planet as a Star that seeds those who crave to be of service stems from the abundance of light offered. 

  • Many who are way-showers, light-workers, or teachers -of-light, come from Lyra.

It is a beautiful place in more ways than one can imagine. Love is the truth of Lyra and the laughter and wonder stems outwards to be embraced by all. Lyra is your home and its essence is within your soul-self that desires to return to Lyra's magnificence again one day.

" The essence of self desires to return home..." Linda A.

Q. Earl,  Can you tell me something about your world as The Sidhe?

A  As you are aware we are cousins. We gather now with humans like you to be of service in helping Gaia. The time is for all of us to do whatever is necessary to cleanse the planet so that all can benefit.

  • It is all of life that needs to be cleansed and renewed.
  • Change is for the better now due to the abuse of 'free will' and the damage that has been manifested.
  • The waste alone is too much.

Although we are not seen by many, The Sidhe live in community as humans do. We have a sort of sight that sees your world while living in our realm. One day this will be possible for those who raise their vibration to the purity of unconditional love for all of life that lives on Gaia. The beauty of the realm of The Sidhe is complete paradise.

"It is all of life that needs to be cleansed and renewed..." - Linda A.


Q. Earl, Do you have a message for me about our collaboration and partnership?

A. The life you are experiencing is full and I notice you handle it very well. 

  • There are moments which take you away from all you choose daily.
  • This is to be understood as living in a human existence in totality. 

There is no rush as you enjoy believing; All in divine timing is the path to walk. Many words we have shared and I understand that the world of humanity is complicated.


You seem to be comfortable and extremely adaptable. Do not be too hard on yourself when you are taken away from your chosen rituals of our collaboration. I am always at your service, just a call away, and we can chat as we have done for all these months any time.

Love & Light, Linda

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