Embracing The Call of My Soul, Chapter Two


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"Trust in Divine Timing. Your future holds something far greater than your past..." - Cheryl Richardson 

As I continue to share my story and tell of how I was guided by the Universe as they say to answer the Call within, I hope you can relate to my words. We all get to take a leap when the time is right for us. Some call it, 'Divine Timing.' There is no turning back once you accept to follow the voice of your Soul and live a life of passion and purpose.

I was in my fifties when the Call was the loudest. I had not prepared for my children growing up and leaving home. The river of tears I shed was due to my not planning for this day of change. I always believed I was a good girl who grew up to be a good woman who followed the norm of life as a wife and mother which was handed to me. I was definitely blessed to be an at home mom. 



Part 'B'

The Call showed me the way to what I refer to as Part 'B' of my existence. Terrified to step out of my shell as a wife and mother, I  answered the Call. I cannot put into words the fear I carried that would turn into me becoming fearless. One step in front of the other and my life became a path towards my freedom. 

Fear is basically, that which is unknown to us. Stepping out of the comfort of my world to educate myself to know who I wanted to be now pushed me forward. There was no turning back!



I was inspired to hear the words, "find that which creates freedom of thought..." Totally clueless to this meaning, I knew there was truth within. My search began to find that which was to be my freedom of thought. In doing so, the Call of my Soul would eventually lead me to embracing my Soul daily as a means to live my life experience with truth and inspiration. 

I have become the woman I am today because I was inspired, guided, and believed that there was a purpose to my life. The teachers and teachings I was led to partake in, the books, workshops, and actions to empower myself began with my first choice.



Loving Myself

I  had not been taught to love myself. I    was led to always love others and do for them, like most woman. In fact, I was basically told very negative things by others. No one was prepared for my love of self. Yet, I was told the following, "What happened? You decided to love yourself?"

Those who we choose to be in relationship with become our greatest teachers; our parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends, and society.

"Today, I  accept Divine Timing. I  allow the pacing of the Universe to be my own. align myself with the tempo of my life precisely as it is unfolding..." - Julia Cameron


Today, I can still picture in my mind's eye the fear I felt traveling into New York City to go to school, to change my life, to become a better me.

The universe is powerful when anyone pays attention to the messages sent. Acknowledging signs, dreams, people, books, and any number of synchronicities is simply a connection to our soul. I paid attention because I asked and so I did receive.

Emotionally attached to fear of the future I asked in prayer for something to share. The saying, "be careful what you ask for!"  Is true! Through this process, I  have learned that I am a powerful sharer in all aspects of my life.


"Everything we need to fulfill our true destiny always comes to us at the perfect time. But spiritual awareness is required to recognize those gifts and opportunities. .." - Anthon St. Maarten


Loving myself opened that door to the foods I consumed as well. I switched in 2000 to all Organic healthy foods as an additional change of self. An avid juicer since 1996, I continue to juice daily, eating veggies and eliminating animal protein. Beans, nuts, seeds, veggies, soups, and supplements with lots of water nourish me body, mind, and soul. I do eat out in restaurants and the food is not organic but with a quick prayer I bless everything I consume. A weakness for chocolate is still a work in progress!

Once I chose me  and decided to love me, the universe offered me insight to manifest my passion. An avid reader of books, who dreamed as a child to be a teacher my path and passion evolved by the simple belief ... "find that which creates freedom of thought..." The next choice that I was guided to was Developing Knowledge!

Chapter Three is next!

Be Love, Linda
Pray! Meditate! Journal!