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“The path into the New Earth is simple. No guilt. No shame. No regrets. So be it…” – Mary Magdalen

The Hilarion Connection, Book One by Marlene Swetlishoff, offers the keys to opening your door to genuine happiness, inner peace, and mastery of your life. It tells you how you can make a difference in this world by the choices that you make and the thoughts that you think. What it contains is extremely profound. It is the secret to truly living a fulfilled and happy life. You have the power within you to make the choice to be happy and to remain in a peaceful state regardless of outside circumstances in this game called life.


The techniques and thoughts that HIlarion shares in this book are effective in acquiring the lasting peace and happiness that we all yearn for. He shares the techniques and the mental attitudes that work most effectively to help you make the many shifts in your thoughts, feelings and the mental attitude that work most effectively to help you make the many small shifts in your thoughts, feelings, and actions which offer an extraordinary transformation in your perception of how you can live your life each day.

This powerful book shares vital information on how to tap into living life to the fullest and not just merely existing in it. Hilarion gently and lovingly reminds us of the purpose and intent behind living this life here on Earth and how to unleash your drive to propel you to the next level of spiritual mastery.

This book is a great place to begin when searching for how to properly and successfully fill the void each soul encounters when living in the Earth realm through living outside of their authentic truth instead of honoring their true self. By taking the time to read this thoughtful, insightful, inspirational and uplifting book, it will set your soul in motion for realizing your deepest dreams, finding your purpose and finding the inner peace and harmony that passes all understanding. It encourages the reader to delve into their awareness of the world and its events and how one can become a successful co-creator in it.


The Hilarion Connection, Book Two…

Is for those who are following the spiritual path to Self Mastery. Book Two, discusses what you call love. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and you are made of this energy. When you learn to harness it, you become a Master of Life and can do whatever you wish to do in your life. By following this guidance, you can make great changes that will enrich your life and the world in which you live.

It is a daily handbook on living your greatest life potential and vibration at your highest frequency. This book contains tested truths on how to live one’s life with awareness, looking beneath the surface of life for those intricate and subtle differences that make us all tick. It has great value and profound impact on your moment to moment daily life. It stresses the importance of a conscious awareness of thinking, doing, and experiencing everything from the  guidance within one’s heart while using the greatest power available, the power of love.

Love is the essential essence of your being – it is what you are, so giving love to others is natural and fulfilling. When you give with a caring heart, you feel love flowing through your and experience the higher connection that it brings. You must be at peace in order to love.

  • How can  you find peace?

Forgiveness is the way, looking beyond the shadows of this world in order to see through the illusions of the human ego, to nurture forgiveness of self and others through the flow of love from within you. This brings about a deep healing and an immense transformation on all levels of one’s being and all facets of one’s life.

This book provides a level of guidance which allows an individual to rise above the limitations of the past, to focus on new attitudes and beliefs that can help each individual cope with more skill and grace, and from a place of love in this communications with others.


The Hilarion Connection, Book Three…

Provides you with useful insights for successful and enjoyable experiences of life. It discusses what possibilities exist for you when you learn to harness your life energy in order to become a master of Earthly life which opens you up to do whatever you wish to do in your life with the highest integrity, grace, and ease.

The true mastery of life requires one to take full control of one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. By following this guidance, you can make great changes that will enrich your life and the world in which you live.

The Hilarion Connection, Book Three points the way to living your greatest life potential while operating at your highest spiritual frequency. This book contains truths on how to live one’s life with conscious awareness, looking beneath the surface of life’s appearances.

  • It has great value and profound impact on your moment to moment daily life. When one learns to do this correctly, one will ultimately be the winner of the game of life.
  • It stresses the importance of a conscious awareness of thinking, doing, and experiencing everything from the guidance within one’s heart while using the greatest power available, the power of love, Divine Love.

This allows the individual to feel the Divine presence of Spirit within their body, mind, and soul and this practice gradually assists one’s higher aspects to become embodied as their true, authentic, loving self, allowing one to live a happy, fulfilled, and exceptional life on Earth – as a fully realized Divine human.

About the Author

Marlene Swetlishoff, Scribe/Channel, Writer, Healer, Energy Facilitator and Activator, has been sharing the highly popular weekly messages from Hilarion since 2009. Hilarion is an Ascended Master who is a member of the Family of Light beyond the veil, one who has chosen to stay with the planet until Earth and everyone upon the Earth is ascended into higher consciousness and a more refined and illuminated way of living. These Beings of Light have been steadfastly working behind the scenes for untold ages to help raise the vibrational level of humanity and the Earth. These message from Hilarion can be found on Marlene’s website which is visited daily by readers from more than 120 countries around the world.

Marlene has been a lifetime student of the arcane mysteries in her quest for knowledge throughout her spiritual journey. Marlene receives messages from the Realms of Light through telepathic transmission. “Marlene is a Divine Luminary Angelic Ambassador and Messenger of Hope whose work is divinely designed to awaken, uplift, and shift the consciousness of humanity into the new age of Light. More specifically, her primary task is to open the multi-dimensional chambers within the hearts of many people, allowing them to feel the divine presence of Spirit with their body, mind, and soul.

As an Angelic writer and researcher, Marlene brings forth many channelled messages from the higher dimensions of Light, the Angelic Kingdoms, and the Ascended Master realms to awaken and inspire humanity. As a Messenger of Hope and Divine Luminary, Marlene brings her unique healing gifts of divine love and inspired humanity interpretation to the masses in many  ways. Marlene’s focus is on heart awakening and spiritual activation of humanity and helping others to find their divine purpose as a soul. Her work assists one to feel divine love and to experience the presence and touch of the Angels and Master in their everyday life. Her offerings both rekindle faith in Spirit and bring a new sense of peace, support, and empowerment to all those who cross her path.” – Bryan deFlores –

Marlene has appeared as a guest on Stephen Cook’s InLight Blog Talk Radio Show, and has had several interviews by Circle of Hearts OM Times Radio Show, Allayah Frisch.

Personally, as an avid reader, I  believe, I AM led to the books that I devour as nourishment for my body, mind, and soul. The world of Spirit has a way of communicating with me through the Rituals of my day. Incorporating the information from The Hilarion Connection, now has allowed me to travel a path along with The Brotherhood of the White Light. There is definitely a magical, mystical mystery to all of life that waits for each of us to discover. I have learned to believe in the messages I receive from my IAM Presence, Guides, Angels, Ascended Master, Totem Animals and the Dragons, Unicorns and Crystal Skulls that I    share my life with. The unseen world/realm is real for me! May you take a journey into these teachings and discover your truth!

“Don’t Change Who You Are Because People Don’t Know Who They Are…” – LA

Be Love, Linda

Meditate! Pray! Journal!

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