Let Me Love You!

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“Of all pains, the greatest pain, is to love, and to love in vain…” -George Granville

“Let Me Love You,” is a poem from the hearts of many women and men I have served in the past years. The wonder of life is the challenges and chaos in all relationships. It matters how we embrace each other with our ‘truth of self’ through the journey;

  • Who we are meant to be?
  • What we desire in life for ourselves?
  • The masks we choose to hide behind.
  • The call from our soul to be, do, and act for self.
  • Our connection to Source?

Life is about opening up to ‘love of self’ before we can love another. Whether it be a parent, sibling, spouse, child, or friend who has closed their heart to let YOU love them in any way, know there is a lesson to learn. “Let Me Love You,” is for the wounded heart who refuses to open themselves to let in that one person who truly from the depths within love them as they are unconditionally. May these words also allow you to reflect on your feelings if all you ever wanted to do was to love a certain person in your life but instead faced confrontations, chaos, and challenges continuously. After all, it may just be a ‘protection of self’ to close their heart to you and life, to survive. So never stop loving them!

Don’t change who you are because people don’t know who they are …” – Linda Amato

Let Me Love You

All relationships are difficult for each of us,

We struggle with being honest, primarily out of a lack of trust.

The fear of conflict and rejection is the basis we embrace.

To trample on the innocence of self, we hide our emotions without a trace!

Our desire for love is an ache from deep within.

Why do we imagine we are not worthy to begin?

To let another love who we are today,

Our freedom is in the arms of all we say.

To let in love, we must desire to open our hearts.

No one can love another who refuses the love of self as their part.

The emotion of love is who we are born to express.

It is the ego that fears the outcome of light as a witness.

Our vulnerability, honesty, and love are the glue for all to feel.

‘Let me love you,’ so that you can experience all that I am as well.

The chips of the heart never heal.

Only survive within the journey of life’s wheel.

Patterns are born as our false truth of self to share.

When deep within our fragile heart craves to hear…

What we fear?

Why we shed a tear?

Who will let the end be known?

For the path of the journey is not to be unknown.

The sadness of a lifetime not shared openly shatters the soul.

Unspoken words that hang in midair, never to be told.

There is no return to what could have been yesterday.

Now that the ego roars so openly of all that one has witnessed today.

If only you had ‘let me love you,‘ for a least one day.

You could have healed your demons in some way.

Love can be cherished if embraced with joy, compassion, and forgiveness.

A wounded heart shuts off the path and chooses anger, hate, and unhappiness.

“The wounded heart learns self-love by first overcoming low-self esteem…” – Bell Hookslinda-amato-believable-alternatives-let-me-love-you

We are many who have dealt with the sadness of a wounded heart. At times, I personally wonder if it is a balance in life that is required for all the wounded hearts to exist. It matters not who the wounded heart has been that you were blessed with, but that you chose love that was unconditionally theirs.

We are all born as light beings here to experience a human existence. Can it be that simple, that the human existence is to choose love. With love anything and everything can manifest your heart’s desires to live a life of joy, peace, and happiness.

“The Path into the New Earth is simple. No guilt. No shame. No regrets. So be it. -Mary Magdalene”

Be Love, Linda
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