Life is a Poetry to Embrace!

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The written word stems from the thoughts of your mind, the words you speak, and the actions you take! With your five senses you communicate. When you meditate, you travel a journey into the unknown world. You will receive insight, clarity, and guidance from the path you choose daily to experience.

Poetry has been a basis of my life forever. I tend to be filled with words that calm my essence as a hug from my soul. The following poem is a deeper look into my emotions and beliefs this day. I hope my words resonate with you from … “Life Today!”

“Use your discernment …” – Linda Amato

Life Today

The actions of others trigger emotions that drive us insane,

When we focus on not processing our pain.

We do not control the world we experience today.

Expected to obey, for we now are programmed to have no say!

This year has shown us the truth of our fears.

Illness, death, and tests can bring us close to tears!

A cure, we are told on top of all the other lies of yesterday,

While our rights as human beings are swept away.

How was this fearful program birthed as a loss of our freedom?

Can there be a reason clear enough to explain this desire for wisdom?

This attack on our freedom comes with a loss of all our rights.

Many agree to obey, adhere, and experience life without even a fight!

Praying for the sinister force that has created this unacceptable existence of propaganda directly,

Is what we together can cling to so that we experience a life filled with some source of stability…

“Eventually, we all have to accept full and total responsibility for our actions, everything we have done, and have not done…” – Hubert Selby Jr.



We are all blessed with an inner wisdom that is acceptable for the journey we have manifested. Taking a look within to that which is healing for you is all that I ask. Praying for each other no matter another’s choices or way of being is a blessing in disguise. Open your heart to experience compassion.

I look around at the world today and my soul hurts for the awakening that is needed to exist here. When there is no fear there is only a chance to choose another way of being. Choose Love!

Discernment is an inner compass for everyone when you choose to listen to the inner voice within as to what is for the highest good of all. We are not on planet earth to obey another, who is choosing to do harm on us as a collective society. Now, this very moment is the instant to begin a meditation practice, praying for the world, and to release what no longer serves you through taking pen to paper. Simple shifts will empower you at this time!

“The Path into the New Earth is simple. No guilt. No shame. No regrets. So be it. -Mary Magdalene”

Be Love, Linda
Meditate! Pray! Journal!

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