Life! Why is it so hard?

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"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it..." -Dennis P. Kimbro

Life is the experience we choose to express to the world as who we are. We make emotional choices from the depths of our personality. Every morning is a new day to make a decision. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you want to experience a love filled life?
  • Do you want to experience a fearful life?

The choice is yours. The tools needed to change from who you are today to a life of joy and happiness are simple. Let me be of service to you with my suggestions ...

Take a look at the following and see if there is any one sentence that resonates with you today. Tomorrow it may be another one. Relationships with our parents, spouses, children, family, friends and society in general can be challenging. My question to you is why?

  • Is your life difficult today?
  • Are you struggling in some way?
  • Do you get angry?
  • Are you ready for a fight?
  • Are you explosive?
  • Do you emotionally feel crazy at times?

Let us see what is going on in our lives that can be healed by a few simple steps and a change of belief.

1. Why do you believe your life is difficult today? Is it because you are struggling in some way because of the demands put on you? Let us take a moment to ask how emotionally involved are you in your struggles that is causing you to experience a difficult day? Can you look at this day with new eyes and positive insight that today is a new day and choose how you want to experience this day. Can you choose another way of being for yourself, not for anyone else?

2. Let's look at being angry, ready for a fight to the point of being explosive. What is the anger that you are experiencing that causes you to want to fight today? Is it yours? Does it belong to someone else? Are you just being reactive to a situation that is out of your control. Is someone not listening to you? Imagine how easy life could be if you let the anger go and choose another way of being?

3. Feeling emotionally crazy is draining your energy because emotions are energy. When you feel out of control and crazy all the time you create disease in the body  because the organs of the body are connected to the chakras. The chakras are the blueprint to your soul. Being crazy is simply the ego of fear, guilt, and shame that needs to be released. It is the gift of life that drains the self and makes us all experience hard times by how we react to situations.  Let's imagine that yesterdays' choices are making you insane today and you would be better off taking stock of your emotions.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be..." -Lao Tzu


We, you and I are beings of Spirit. Spirit is light and love. Anything that is not of light and love is not Spirit. How then do we as Spirit beings living in a Human existence create and believe that life is hard?

Free will in life allows us to choose how we desire to live, be seen and express ourselves as the woman or man we are daily. Each day is a New Day, a Fresh Start, a chance to Begin again. It is not written in any books that you have to be, act or speak the way your parents did. You, personally have a choice every day to be YOU!

" I am not a product of circumstances. I am a product of decisions..." - Stephen Covey


Within each of us there is an ego-self, our Human part that has guided us in life by the roar of its voice in our mind. It is this voice that roars in all. However, there is another voice as well. That of our Higher Self is part of us that is our Spirit. Human part = fear! Spirit part = Love!​​

The simplicity of life is to choose for yourself another way of being. When the choice is to listen, emotionally detach, and choose love, only then will we as a society awaken to our truth. Believing in a life that has Difficulty, Struggling, Anger, Fighting, Crazy, Hateful choices no longer serves any of us today.

"Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worh living, and your belief will help create the fact..." -William James

This is your life! How do you want to live it? Take a moment to release what no longer is serving you this day! Make a choice to choose another way, if today's belief is that, Life is hard! Make a change!
Be Love, Linda
Pray! Meditate! Journal!

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