Our Demons Within Develop Blocks that Stop our Journey!


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"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

We are born of Love and Spirit! Our Human Essence develops fear, shame, and guilt. These are the demons that block us. Life starts off complete in the world of love as we arrive. No worries, fears, or reason to be anything but a baby. Somewhere along the time of conception, birth, and going to school we develop the demons that will block us in life. For most of us that number one demon is, fear.

All that surrounds us while we wait to enter our life cycle plays a part in our human existence. The mother that carries us within is a requirement that can fill us with love or her own fears, as well.

  • What is her life like at this moment of conception. 
  • Are there any fears?
  • Is there abuse - mental, physical, or emotional in her daily life?
  • Is she terrified about life circumstances?
  • Has there been any trauma during pregnancy or at birth?



The fear of the mother is transferred to the baby within. All is felt by baby! If becoming into this world as a Spirt and incorporating as a body has any trauma, this will now be manifested. If there is drama, confrontation, emotional outbursts during this time ... fear sets in!

The path is set from the instant of conception, to the birth process, to experiencing life that leads one to wonder about the fear that will grow or subside?



We all have our story to tell...

  • How we were raised?
  • If we felt loved?
  • How we believed we were abandoned?
  • The abuse in our lives growing up!
  • The negativity of words thrown at us.

As a child with abandonment, abuse, or feeling unloved what sets in is guilt. The child believes they have done something wrong to now witness such fear that has led to guilt. Pain is embraced as a way of belief within the child. Children are sponges to what they see in their early years.



A loving baby that had a reason for coming into this world has to experience all that is offered. If there is to be fear, guilt, and shame the main lesson to be learned to heal, is through forgiveness.

The shame of life is gifted by the parent's belief when it comes to how they interact and talk. Words are powerful. Parents are powerful. Parents are our first teachers.

"Love is the beauty of the soul." - Saint Augustine


Choosing LOVE in all situations in life helps all to heal from their story of yesterday. The foundation of our lives are the lessons we need to experience to grow and expand our consciousness.

That which is our creativity to the world as Beings of Spirit allows us to embrace our passion and purpose. To go with the flow of life is to trust that there is a process to life. There basically is a reason for everything in our lives that happens.

As we become empowered by all that we can be individually we realize the God-given-gifts we are born with. The power we possess stems from that which is our Superpowers; emotions, thoughts, words and actions! These are what we have control over daily

"Forgiveness is God's command." - Martin Luther

Forgiveness plays a golden rule in our lives. To know that, as  Beings of Oneness, if we heal --  all heal. Everyone does have a story and many are closely related to abuse, abandonment, and addiction that ignite fear, guilt and shame. These so called stories are gifted from our parents which were gifted from their parents. Now is the time to break free. No one needs to suffer from fear, guilt or shame at this time in life. Simply let them go and choose to forgive! Choose to Love!

It takes focus and consistency to heal the heart. Affirmation! Intention! Meditation! The Magic in life is that we are the Magician in this Magical, Mystical Mystery of our life journey. We have the power to manfiest our dreams with Love, Joy and Happiness by going within for the answers! Release! Remember! Renew!

Be Love, Linda
Pray! Meditate! Journal!