Our Universal Truth is Our Freedom in Relationships for Self-Mastery

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"All is Well! I AM Safe! - Louise L. Hay

Take a moment in your day to sit in contemplation of your fears...

  • Are they real?
  • What can possibly happen that you are not capable of handling at this time in your life?
  • Do you process your fears daily or let them build up?
  • Do you trust that there is a divine plan?

Here is a ritual to process your fears:

  • Light a candle.
  • Breathe in three times.
  • Center and Calm yourself.
  • Take pen to paper  and release.

A daily practice of releasing the energy of your thoughts from those around you as well as society's outlook will change your outlook.


These are difficult times across the entire planet right now. There is no one to trust, it seems. However, trusting that there is a process to life allows you to trust in God. It matters not what religion you follow but that you trust there is a Divine Intelligence that knows all. We are all in relationship with one another and we need to embrace compassion for those who are not awake at this time. 

My daily Rituals start off with Prayer, Journaling, Meditation, and Aromatherapy with the diffusing of Essential Oils. Throughout the day, I call on Positive Affirmations during challenging moments. At the end of the day, I use aromatherapy in my  bedroom and end my day in gratitude and prayer.


"Let the Divine Design of my life flash into my conscious mind.  Let me see clearly the perfect plan..." - Florence Scovel Shinn

These last fifteen years, I have learned that consistency and being focused on what I am passionate about is essential. Since March 2020, like you, I have been forced to live an unnatural existence by covering my face and social distancing while shopping for food or going out in public. I rarely leave my home now because of this. Only out of necessity to purchase food or other essentials. I do not accept this way of living but as the majority of the world does there is no choice but to adhere to this programming.

I pray for the children of the world that are being raised today in this manner. Fear has been programmed into them now. Especially, the young ones who go to school and wear masks all day, as well as the teachers to be forced to obey a control on humanities freedom. We are born as Spiritual beings living in a Human existence. Now is the time to listen to the voice within that is your Spirituality to manifest inner peace. Trust in God!

" Freedom lies in being bold..."  - Robert Frost


What if...

  • Change is needed by this act of freedom being denied to us?
  • The plan is for humanity to awaken to a new way of living - a rebirth from our past choices?
  • We do not make America great again, there will be no America?
  • Now is the time to choose another way of thinking, speaking, and acting towards each other?
  • All we have to do now is choose - LOVE?

"The measure of a man is what he does with power..." - Plato

Learning to go within through the act of meditation will allow you to receive answers to all your questions and release any fears that no longer serve you. What have you got to lose after all you have experienced this past year? Beginning a 20 minute daily meditation practice is what I offer as a gift to you to heal from this life that has been inflicted on all of us that is not acceptable, not normal! Take 20 minutes out of your day at a convenient time and sit in a chair, close your eyes and chant in your mind "OM!"

We as a society have the greatest superpowers that we possess through our thoughts, words, and actions. Choose positive ones at all times and release any negativity that is not your birthright at this time. Stop... the news, radio, and television from invading your inner peace. All that is not of love is not the Divine Plan. Where there is blessings for one another, there will be peace. Open your hearts to trust the process of change that is not easy but definitely needed at this time. Believe that God's Will is the only Will right now!

  • Set positive affirmations daily.
  • Set your Intention for the day to be kind and loving no matter what another inflicts on you.
  • Begin your own Rituals starting now.
  • Affirm: May all that I gaze upon be blessed!

Be Love, Linda
Meditate! Pray! Journal!