12-Month Total Transformation Program


This is an intense look within for a period of 48 sessions where I will design an individualized program with continued attention to help you resolve complex issues that you are facing daily to ensure lasting results. Daily we all face challenges and chaos in life because of the negative beliefs of many. In this program I will guide you in a way of living your truth no matter what the challenge you are facing. Life is energy and as an Energy Healer offering the modality of chelation once a month, we will have a session where I will center, balance, clear and charge your energy field. My tool box is overflowing with whatever I can offer you to live a life of your dreams while being empowered. Going deep within to discover how you desire to live your life will transform you in this time period totally.Addresses your concerns at a comfortable pace providing you with a solid ground for realistic changes that occur naturally with the support and refinement this time frame allows.