Chelation Energy Healing


The word Chelation simply means to clear the human energy field of debris. Chelation also fills the aura up with energy, as in blowing up a balloon, and balances it.

As you lay at home in your bed, I will bring your energy field to me and go up your body (your chakras) starting at your feet. In doing so, as the energy is flowing, it is clearing, charging and generally rebalancing your human energy field which will simply absorb what it needs.

Our human energy field gets effected by negative energy and slights from another person. It is powerful for all of us to maintain a clear, balanced state in life. Many factors need to be taken into consideration; our life circumstances, self-care, diet and the amount of exercise in our lives.

Healing in all modalities requires a change of mind, emotion, and spirit as well as physical change. This is an individual experience and many of my clients keep coming back for more. There is no limit to the amount of Chelation’s anyone can receive.

All I need from you is your name, where you live and for you to rest and relax for 30 minutes. It would be of a great help to you, if there are no pets in the room and no cell phone to disturb you during the process. Afterwards, please add more water into your diet.


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