My Plan For Freedom And Self-Mastery eCourse


In the following 8 Lessons, I will take you on my personal journey. For years I was in fight and flight mode in my mind. Always looking for an escape because in my inner heart I craved freedom. Freedom was the thought I attached to me to live my truth. It was a challenging journey for me to walk a path filled with silence and fear due to circumstances of my life as a daughter, wife and mother.

Today, I am aware that the plan that saved my life was granted by the powers that be. I relate to this plan as ‘My Simple Tools!’ One by one, step by step, day by day, I discovered Freedom and what I know now is my Self-Mastery. In breathing in the lessons, you will realize how simple life can be when we desire to make changes.

From Lesson 1 to Lesson 8 walk with me on this path of discovery for yourself by adding ‘My Simple Tools,’ into your life religiously. What I began in 2003 stays with me today and in doing so, I have no more fear and I have a voice!

My gift to you at the end of this course is to read my poem, ‘The Me of Me’ and see how you can relate to my words, my story, my fears in yesterday’s journey. We are all One and as we heal one another by doing the work to embrace our Freedom and Self-Mastery we all heal.

I am here to be of service and I am honored by you being interested in my story and plan that changed my life! My heart holds your hand as you walk your path to the discovery of your Freedom and Self-Mastery today!