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“The path into the New Earth is simple. No guilt. No shame. No regrets. So be it…” – Mary Magdalen

The Return of Pan and the Magical Elemental Beings by the Radiant Rose Academy…

Powerful opening of the mind and heart to witness you and I are not alone. What we see is empty compared to what there is. Personally, I have believed in the unseen world in more ways than I can remember since a child. The magical mystical stories of faeries, goblins, leprechauns, and the power of the butterfly when they transform. Life is a dream or it can be an illusion if you go within for the answers from the unseen world of the elemental beings. Take a look into this book and the others by the Radiant Rose Academy and get back to me with your thoughts, if you dare!

I gravitate to the elemental world as a source of my existence. Believing in Angels and Ascended Masters as a child, brought me to the path of belief in elemental beings, as an adult. My journey has been an open book when it comes to the totem animals that have inspired me. Where we recall the childhood stories of yesterday lies the magic of truth that is real when you delve into this book. The collection of prayers are a requirement when you read this book to be of service to the elemental beings that need humanities help.

May you take the plunge and see what wonder awaits for you to discover in reading The Return of Pan and the Magical Elemental Beings… Please check out www.RadiantRoseAcademy.com


As you seek to embrace the IAM God Presence within your physical garment, may you have at your right side an Angel and may you have at your left side an Elemental Being. The Angels are here, helping you to sustain the Light, the Love, the Spirit, the Presence and Power of your Divinity within your Earthly Embodiment. The Elemental Being comes forth to assist the great transformation of the Elemental Nature of your physical garments to assimilate, with as much grace, your Divine Nature.

Alchemy, the Transformation of the Earthly Embodiment has begun. It is time to also think about the Elemental Beings, because (whether it is a Dwarf or a Leprechaun or a Fairy, or a Dragon, a Unicorn, an Elf, or so forth) it is time to search your heart deeply and align with any one of the Elemental Beings and welcome that Elemental Being to come forward and assist you.

Now, in the days to come — and I cannot tell you when, for it is not myself that decides — as you accept these great truths and welcome them, your own Discerning Intelligence shall decide the moment in which these very unique Angelic and Elemental Beings will come to you! – Mother Akasha


Journey to Self Realization

Akasha and Asun’s book, released June, 2005. Akasha takes the reader on a breathtaking Journey that offers Deep Transformation and Personal Triumph in one’s Life and world. Not Everything IS, As IT Seems To Be…

You can begin now to remove the limitations or appearances that are around you. What exists in your life is the perception of what you believe is necessary, and always includes the judgments that you make against your self. Regardless of what you are doing in this world, everything is changeable, because that is the wonderful free will experience of being on the Planet Earth. If you do not like your experience, then the construction of this planet is such, that as you change your mind and heart, so will your world eventually change with you…” – Asun


The Greatest Power in the Universe

Usa’s most powerful and explosive book to date includes the astonishing and stunning answers to the thousand questions we all have. How do we actually make those answers our powerful reality, which includes Having it All, the Peace, the Harmony, the Fulfillment, the Love, the Abundance, the Creativity, the Relationships and the Security we all dare to dream?

Every man, woman, and child needs to know, wants to know, and is entitled to know, the answer to every question they have. They are found within this amazing book.

You are here to create your highest truth, not search for it! You will naturally forget everything you learn! You will remember for eternity all that you discover! Are you ready!

“In this Universe, there is no real difference in meaning, in the use of worded expressions such as: God, Life, Love, Light, Self, Perception, and ‘I AM.’ For these words all mean the same thing, for they are in essence who you truly are. They are the true nature of your being, they represent the Mighty Flame of Life that abides within each of you. They are your potential waiting to become your certainty.” -The Ascended Masters

“Don’t Change Who You Are Because People Don’t Know Who They Are…” – LA

Additional Books:

  • 33 Sacred Geometries Booklet
  • The Holy Grail Revealed
  • Excalibur; Secrets of the Sacred Fire
  • The Seventh Golden Age
  • Resurrection
  • Class Resources: Divine Remembrance
  • Covenant: The Mighty Elohim and Majestic Eloah
  • The Journey Home: An Introduction to the Teachings of Akasha and Asun and to Messenger #1, Isa Book 1
  • The Journey Home; An Introduction to Excalibur, Messenger #2
  • The Lost Keys: The Tree of Life Teachings
  • Lover’s Path to Enlightenment
  • The Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Flame Mantras 1
  • The Power of Command Invocations & Mantras 2
  • Rose Pink Flame Decrees, Mantras, Verse 3
  • The Masters Invocations Mantras 4
  • The Ascended Masters Decrees Mantras 5
  • Mother Mary’s Gifts
  • Passport to God 1000 Practitioner’s Treatments
  • Passport to God Spiritual Truth, As Revealed by The Ascended and Angelic Host Vol 1
  • Personal Decrees Book 1
  • Personal Decrees Book 2
  • Seven Weeks Outpouring of Light

Be Love, Linda

Meditate! Pray! Journal!

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