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My Favourite Teachers & Education Resources

Deborah King

Having studied with Deborah King for over 10 years now, I highly recommend beginning with her "Learn to Meditate" program.  This is an excellent starting place to build a beautiful and nourishing meditation practice into your daily living.

Click here to register for Deborah's "Learn to Meditate" program.

Deborah's other programs I highly recommend:

David Avocado Wolfe

I have been a part of David's Inner Circle membership for over a year, and have enjoyed the live calls, replays and his Nutrition Certification.  This is a perfect place to expand your knowledge in health, detoxification, super foods and vibrant living.

Click here to register for the "David Wolfe Nutrition Certification" program.

David also has an excellent "Making Chocolate At Home" program, where you will learn how to make delicious, healthy and nourishing chocolate you can eat every day.

David's certification program is also part of the "Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification", which is NANP Board Approved, and with the 7-Day Free Trial, is a perfect way for you to learn everything you need to know to get established in a new health coaching career.

Deanna Hansen

I have enjoyed using Deanna Hansen's block, and encourage you to checkout her membership and courses to use this valuable health tool in your life.

Click here to register for Deanna's Starter Program.

Click here to purchase a block for your home fitness area.

Lars Rain Gustafsson

I have been working with Lars in creating my website and online education  and membership programs for this last year with his UEXL Platform.  In getting to know Lars, I have also seen the other courses and many programs he has been developing with world leading experts in the health, personal development and coaching industry.

Are you interested in building your own membership & education site?
Click here to register for Lars' free "Founders Discovery" e-course to begin the journey of taking your knowledge and wisdom online.

Are you interested in personal development, health, nutrition, lifestyle, business or health coaching career programs and certifications?
Click here to register for the 7-Day Free Trial of the Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification, or to discover any one of the 60+ courses on the BodyMind Institute.

Lars' lifetime passion in nutrition has culminated in his 40hour online certification program called the BodyMind Performance Certification.  This is an in depth course that will provide you with all the health and lifestyle strategies and knowledge to live a vibrant and happy life.  In addition, this program is also included in the Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification which is NANP Board Approved.

Eva Gustafsson

Eva Gustafsson - doTERRA Essential Oils

I have been enjoying essential oils as a part of supporting my health, emotional peace, and spiritual growth for many years.

Now I have the wonderful pleasure of being a part of ongoing essential oil education and support with Eva Gustafsson.   My husband and I have fallen in love with the doTERRA essential oils, and have experienced immediate shifts in our physical and emotional states.

Eva has extensive experience with the essential oils, and how they relate to your goals in health, emotions, lifestyle, nutrition, business and life.

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils?
I highly recommend booking a private discovery session with Eva to find out how you can incorporate the doTERRA essential oils into your life.  Be sure to ask Eva how you can save 25% on your oils.