Service to Others vs Service to Self!

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“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed…” – Maya Angelou

We as a society are part of a universe that requires respect, love, and support. Starting with our Mother Gaia, we as a collective have abused her as a living, nurturing aspect of all that is possible. How we treat one another can be a form of abuse, whether physical, mental or emotional because we are not kind. Our thoughts are the greatest power we posses to share with all. Next is the words we choose to express. Our actions, speak louder than our words. How we react is a clue to what is going on when it comes to how we believe.

  • How do you express yourself with your thoughts, words, and actions?
  • Do you choose a positive or a negative belief?
  • Are you open to another’s need for compassion?
  • How is your self-talk in your head?
  • Healthy? Happy? Hurting?

Let’s look at recycling, our foot print, and how we nourish our bodies. Many of us are clueless as to the waste that is prevalent in life. Bottles, Plastic, Trash, and Consumption of Processed foods is the norm. Are you aware that you can change your foot print by all that you discard and consume with simple shifts daily:

  • Purchase a water filter system and eliminate plastic bottles.
  • Recycle paper, plastics and metals.
  • Consume living foods: fruits, vegetables, and smoothies for your health.
  • Choose a plant based diet at least twice a week eliminating the abuse of animals.
  • Incorporate Organic foods for their benefit into your body to eliminate GMO foods.
  • Eliminate all Processed Foods and Fast Foods that are toxic to your body.

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her…” – William Wordsworth

Let us examine how we choose to react when triggered in any given situation. Human behavior has two choices to make, fear or faith. Service to self stems from the belief that I come first. Service to others is how can I help another? One would benefit from looking within to why they are reactive in situations? I leave this insight in your hands as my reader, to journal, if your are a being of service to others or a being of service to self.

  • Do you Fear that you are not good enough, smart enough, capable enough or do you simply fear the unknown.
  • Do you have Faith that you can choose how you react in all situations because you look at life as the lessons you have to learn?

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another…” – Charles Dickens



When we heal the wounds of our parents that are generational we open the mind and heart as a path to travel as lessons learned. Fear is a path of guilt, shame, and regrets. We are not happy with the outcomes of our lives. However, only you can change your life if you are struggling. It is true that life at this time has dealt its hand of fear towards all of us. Fear that we will get sick, die, require a shot, social distance and wear masks. That is a ton of fear to process. This too shall pass…

Now is a good moment to journal your thoughts on how you are processing life this past year. After all you know deep within how healthy you are, how you choose love or not in challenges, but mostly how you nurture and love your body with the right foods, water, and supplements. If all is well in this department there is to be no fear required of you. Faith is the inner voice within that there is a reason for everything.

The world of media today is comprised in many of its forms for a very long time. I imagine what most fear today, is who to believe! Who is telling a lie or telling the truth? Using your discernment requires you to know who you are, your beliefs and how you desire to live your life.

Your body has a way of helping you with discernment. You can use a simple technique to go within for the answers:

  • What foods to eat?
  • What supplement to take?
  • Who to trust?
  • Who is telling a lie?
  • What to put into your body that is safe or unsafe?
      • Dr. Jim Claussen, YouTube Muscle Testing: Whole Body Sway Technique is a video on how you can use the Body-Sway Method.
      • The formula is very simple. Standing cross your hands over your heart, close your eyes, and ask: SHOW ME “YES!” your body will answer by swaying slightly forward.
      • Then ask, SHOW ME “NO” and your body should move slightly backward on your heels.
      • Start Asking your body any questions you need answers to: Example… Is this ______________ the truth for the highest living light on earth at this time for me?  If your body sways forward the answer is YES – if it sways backwards the answer is NO!
      • Use your discernment today. Begin to go within for the answers to life, especially at this time!
      • Always honor the answer you receive…

“The Path into the New Earth is simple. No guilt. No shame. No regrets. So be it. -Mary Magdalene”

Be Love, Linda
Meditate! Pray! Journal!

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