Souls of Light Consciousness: A Channeling! #2


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We are of one consciousness living our individual lives by our own choices with the gift of ‘free will.’ Our ancestry from the generational choices of yesterday needs healing for ascension. The time is now to make any shifts from the depths of your being to know yourself. Individually, we have been programmed and given a life that has been forced upon all of us. The questions to ask of self…

  • At this moment in time, am I living my truth?
  • Is my life filled with joy, happiness, and love for myself and others?
  • Do I go within for the answers to the challenges and chaos of life at this time?
  • Through forgiveness, do I release that which is not mine?

In the past, I have always sat in silence through meditation and prayer to hear the inner voice of self. In doing so, I have traveled a path to know the truth of all that is for me. I share as much as I can with those who are drawn to learn from me. There are many elementals that I share my daily existence with – the elements of Gaia; earth, water, fire, and air have blessed me. I have met with Dragons, Unicorns, Crystal Skulls and many, many Totem Animals, Angels and Archangels as lights in the darkness to show me the way.

The following is an in-depth way of being that is surfacing for me to share at this time. The consciousness of ‘all that is’ knows change is required. Those who need to make the change will know who they are as they read my words.

The Ancients #2

“There is a journey to experience through the opening of one’s heart. Unconditional Love for the Unity of Belief is essential for change. The ancients are the subdued Christ Light from yesterday. The feminine/masculine requirement for balance is to be ignited. All can be guided by those who share, teach, and gather as a community. It is time for community of light and love to embrace the ‘One Consciousness’ in belief as a truth of self.

  • All are of the Souls of Light Consciousness when love, joy, happiness, and wonder is a choice.
  • Release the fears of guilt, shame and regrets to heal in the New Earth now as ‘One.’
  • Move up to the heart with love as the path for all to embrace as ‘One Humanity.’

There can only be the choice of love to believe in the magical, mystical mystery of life on Gaia. All is not how it has been taught to believe. Connect to Gaia daily now and all shall heal.

The miracle of is within everyone to know now.

It is required now!” -Red Lyran Crystal Skull

Love & Light, Linda

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