Rainbow Bridge Rose Frequency

Rainbow Bridge Rose Frequency

Souls of Light Consciousness


Linda Amato

Mystic Healer and Evolutionary Guide

Chelation Energy Healing | Meet Your Three Angel Keys

Releasing • Clearing • Cleansing

Healing Traumas of Fear • Guilt • Shame
Affirmation • Aromatherapy • Intention • Smell • Sound
Self-Devoation = Self-Love = Self-Healing

The Rainbow Bridge Rose Frequency

The process of this Healing Modality is a Download from the Universe received for those who hold trauma/fear in their bodies at this time. It is a simple path for Integration by Releasing - Clearing - Cleansing the Demons within, by the client, personally. 

Information Required: date of birth and time of birth to receive the Angelic Keys for your Physical/Emotional/Intellectual Keys. Incorporating these 3 Angelic Keys into your existence through the Rainbow Bridge Rose Frequency will be a Daily Meditation Process for Healing that you will experience. 

There are 3 Angels that we come into life with. The Angelic Frequencies can be called upon through a meditative process daily for healing. They are: The Angelic Physical Key / Angelic Emotional Key / Angelic Intellectual Key.

The Rainbow Rose Bridge Frequency crosses over for Connection to their Higher Consciousness up and out Chakra 4 (Heart) Chakra 5 (Throat) Chakra 6 (Brow) and Chakra 7 (Crown) embracing their Souls of Light Consciousness

2010 was the year I self-published my first book: Making Believers: “connect to the Light within,” with Infinity Publishing. It would come to the attention of Balboa Press a Division of Hay House and be republished in 2011 and is available on Amazon. Everyone has a story! Making Believers is about discovery into one’s empowerment through the practice of unconditional love when one connects to the light within to transform and let a new story unfold that is insightful and filled with passion.

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