The Teachings of Shirley Battie on Channeling


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The Universe has a way of directing me to the right books to read. During the summer of 2019, I discovered Shirley Battie's books. I immersed myself into reading her words in a few months time. I hope you ponder these teachings and take a look yourself into the world of authors who channel. 

I personally, began my journey of channeling in 2017. I hope you check out my monthly Episode blog,  Earl of The Sidhe, A Channeling.


Calling Earth: Superpowers Fight For Dominion Over Earth (2018) A read that opens your eyes  - what is really going on?

Kate and her father Jacob are recruited by The Galactic Command Council, concerned with an attempt by both cosmic and earthly superpowers to dominate planet Earth and its human population. The only thing that can save humanity is a greater spiritual awakening.

Adam Fenshawe, a Trojan spy in the Shadow Government assists them to counter the dark plan. Three time travellers join in the attempt to thwart those in the Shadow Government. Will they succeed in convincing The Galactic Command Council and the Lords of the Universe that the human race is worth saving?


 Calling Earth II: Moving Through Time and Space (2019) Is a thought-provoking book, encompassing a world-view that there are many species of intelligent life in our universe. This is a riveting tale, of good versus evil, man against man, perception jutaxposed with reality.

 Follow Kate, as she battles to reveal the truth about our dying planet. Faced with mortal danger, will Kate succeed in delivering her message, or will she succumb to the sinister powers that seek to silence her?

In this incredible sequel, Shirley Battie explores the truth about Earth. This is a moving and carefully crafted story, based on fact and experience, that exposes the truth about humanity and our planet. 


Calling  Earth II asks us to truly consider the fact that we are not alone in the universe, and that it is our duty to care for and protect Mother Earth. Our world needs healing, and this book provides us with the tools to do so. Pick up your copy, and find our what you can do to bring about positive change.


Being Human (2010)  One woman is taught through communication with Space Brothers and guides who lead her into the unknown. Psychic and healing ability surfaces to good effect. This is a true account of astounding experiences concerning the future of planet Earth. Through them she crosses time, enters space stations and learns of their prupose.

The Galactic Federation are assisting us to become more than we are. The Earth is in crisis. We risk an undesirable future for the planet if we do not listen. It is shown that we are the children of interplanerary beings.


Spirit Speaks: Questions and Answers on Life and Our Spirit Connections ( 2010)  If you have always wanted answers to why you are here and what your purpose in life is then look no further. This book answers serious questions put to the spirit world from all corners of the Earth by people who wish to know more. Subjects include; birth, death, and in betwwen, the animal soul and our possible future on planet Earth.  

Do interplanetary visitors have a part in our evolution or are we alone?  This is just one of the questions asked and answered in this book.

Channeling: Use Your Psychic Powers to Contact Your Spirit Guides (2006) Tapping into the field of consciousness and allowing the wisdom of the spirit world to speak through - is a psychic power anyone can develop, and this fascinating new guide shows you how.

Following simple exercises, communicate with beings from other planes of existence, and benefit from their guidance with increased self-knowledge and intuition. Contact Soul and Spirit Guides through meditation and trance; receive solutions to daily problems with automatic writing and psychic art, and channel healing energy for yourself and others.

Shirley Battie connected with our Cosmic Cousins twenty-eight years ago, and learned the truth about our planet. In the years following, she has led workshops, consultations and lectures, with the aim of bettering environmental practice, and teaching others the truth about the univese we live in.  She works from a highly spiritual perspective, connecting, sharing her knowledge and educating people with higher realities of life, including bridging relationships with our star brothers and sisters. This is very important work as we move ahead with spiritual awkaening that we are all one.

Be Love, Linda
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