Linda is an Angel! I had lost my way!

My sessions with Linda have returned me to a path where I now live my truth. Her tools have empowered me daily to look at life with eyes of love, words of love, and to change my thoughts. With her positive belief system in place today, I meditate, pray, and have moved out of the darkness and into the light.

I had forgotten to play with my inner child in the past and now with energy sessions, I am healing the drama and trauma of yesterday. The journey I have discovered is that only I can do the work to change myself and all I can do for another is pray!

I am at a good place, proud of the work and tools I have incorporated with Linda's teachings. I am now a better me!

Janie Tennariello

Linda Focuses Straight To The Core

Along with Linda’s years of schooling; learning and her absorption of knowledge it is her genuine ‘caring ‘ for her clients that makes her one of the best. Whether Linda is performing a Chelation for your ‘body’ or giving you an Akashic reading for the ‘soul’ or meditation tips for the ‘ mind’ or just the right foods to eat for a healthier you. Yes, Linda has the right advice and guidance for a healthier body; clearer mind; and happier soul. She focuses straight to the core ! I can’t say enough about her and how personally Linda has helped me put my pieces back together again.

Pat Roperto

Ready To Face The Challenges of the Day

I want everyone to know how blessed I feel to have found Linda. I actually sent my 16 year old son to her first and saw how easy it was for him to open up to her and to leave a session feeling refreshed and calm. I started taking Linda’s adult coloring classes then back into monthly sessions. Linda’s intuitive nature, and knowledge make me look forward to our sessions. I always walk out feeling renewed, calm and ready to face the challenges of the day. Linda is always willing to share her books, encourage you to value yourself and lend an ear or hand whenever she can. Our sessions have helped me tremendously get through some difficult times. I look forward to seeing her soon because I know when I leave our session I’ll feel better. Thanks, Linda

Lisa Sinacori

Your Women's Retreat left me feeling renewed, clear in my thoughts and actions I needed to make.

Hi Linda: I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me during the most difficult time of my life. Going thru a divorce after being together for 35 years, was very difficult. Attending your women's retreat in the Hamptons provided an outlet to face my pain and allowed me a safe, non-judgemental escape from my impending reality. I left that weekend feeling renewed, clear in my thoughts and actions I needed to make to ultimately release the pain I had inside. In doing so, my life has changed drastically. I'm peaceful, at ease, stress-free, HAPPY & LOVED!! Thank you for guiding my path thru your gentle way. You are forever an angel in my life. I love you lots!!

Rosemary Marino

Working with Linda at Believable Alternatives is such a powerful and transformative experience.

Working with Linda at Believable Alternatives is such a powerful and transformative experience. With all that is going on in the world, she helps to bring me back to my center knowing and trusting my intuition. The sessions are so therapeutic but also relaxing. I gain so much clarity through our discussions and all of the messages that come through are spot on.

Erika Polsinelli

With the right set of beliefs and tools, I could overcome anything!

Throughout my life, I've been told to "go see Linda next door." Who would have thought that an integral part of my success here on earth would have been just 20 short yards away from where I was living and struggling day after day. I decided to go see "Linda next door" for one on one energy healing and chelation therapy and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was nervous as I didn't much believe in the energy healing and alternative therapies that she offers but I can assure you I was made a believer that day. Her calming nature and true passion for helping others were immediately evident. I was given a gift that day. One that had allowed me to see that I was truly bigger than the addictions I was struggling with daily and that with the right set of beliefs and tools, I could overcome anything. She showed me the energy within me that day and it propelled me to take action in getting additional help for my addiction. I truly believe in energy healing and I have Linda to thank for that. She truly is a conduit for energy and healing!

Vincent Polsinelli

Instant Relief From Stress

After meeting with Linda I felt amazing. I suffer from really bad anxiety, and after I left I not only was feeling calm, but learned some tricks on how to manage my stress. I have to admit at first I was skeptical and didn’t believe anything would happen, but was surprised when I felt an instant relief of stress and a relaxing sensation. Over all I would highly recommend going to see Linda. Just one session can be very helpful,and don’t knock it until you try it!

Lara Shostack

My Healing Session Reduced My Anxiety

After experiencing Energy Healing with Linda, I felt immediately relaxed and it strengthened me. I felt it reduced my anxiety and helped with my nerves. It was a very good therapy for me to try because I started feeling better very fast. I discovered that it helped me to begin to be able to meditate and get in touch with myself. Energy healing gave me confidence and for that I will be forever grateful to Linda! During our sessions, I felt very refreshed and seemed to be thinking more clearly. I felt more at peace, more put together. It's a healing process and it helped me develop emotional, mental and especially Spiritual well-being. Aside from the Energy healing and counseling sessions, Linda introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils. I threw out all of my hair growth products and stopped my injections and also stopped cortisone shots to my scalp. Linda introduced me to Sage essential oil. It clears and balances energy, alleviates depression and anxiety and is wonderful for hair growth. I would mix several drops of lavender oil, rosemary and sage into a spray bottle with an added oil like olive oil or melted coconut oil and apply it to my scalp. In a fair amount of time, my bald spots started growing baby hair. IT CAME BACK! It would be of a great disservice if I did not express what an amazing experience I had and still have with Linda. It will never be taken from me. For that ... Linda, I thank you!

Rina Benvenuto

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