The One Key to Process for Freedom & Self-Mastery is Love!

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There are many doors in life that we open as we travel our journey. It seems that we choose to be born into our specific family type to discover one key.

Yes, there are confrontations and diseases, illness of all kinds and demons that we suffer. We enter life as a Spirit of Light, and we grow up not remembering who we are or where we originated. 


We all get to travel many different paths throughout our lives. Different schools, jobs, and relationships all come and go. Our demons sometimes get the best of us as well. Challenges and chaos seem to be part of many daily lives. The saying goes that when one door closes another door opens in life. However, there is only one key that we need to discover to open the first door to change.

“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.” – Neil Gaiman

It is a belief of many that this is it! We are here! We live! We die! The end! Some of us believe in reincarnation and that we will get the chance to be born again after we die because our souls are eternal.

Karma is another example of what goes around comes around, or what you do to me, I will eventually do to you. There is a belief that we manifest in our lives lessons we need to learn lifetime after lifetime.

“A very little key will open a very heavy door.” -Charles Dickens

My understanding is that we are here to discover one key in life and that is the key to LOVE! If we wake up one morning and feel that life sucks, we are miserable, hate our job, do not understand our spouse and even dislike who we have become, well, change is needed.

Fear is the culprit for staying where we are not happy. Fear of change. Fear of blame. Fear of not being loved. There are many fears and reasons, but as a Spirit of Light, you will know when it is time to make a change.

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“Beliefs are choices. First, you choose your beliefs. Then your beliefs affect your choices.” – Roy T. Bennett

We are all Beings of Light, and we come to our earthly homes to discover that Love is the key that opens the door to our freedom. Many of us know that there is more to life, even a better way of living life but fear locks us in place. Look around at your life and imagine that you can live your heart and souls desires whatever they may be now. Can you believe this?

The tool that one must discover for making a change in their life is: A shift of belief

  • To awaken to know your Soul is the first door of many that love opens.
  • That you as a human are a vehicle, for the Soul is pure light born as a baby to grow and experience free will.
  • There are lessons chosen by Self of Soul that you decided to learn from.
  • The Soul is eternal love and focuses on bringing Light into your life.
  • You are a Being of Light with a mission of awakening, which is due to all that the Soul has experienced every lifetime.
  • To change is to know that there is more to your existence in life.
  • Your Challenges and Chaos have all been agreed on but forgotten.
  • To Be a Being of Love, You Must Choose Love.
  • Remember You are Love, but first, You are Light.
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“Where there is love there is life” -Mahatma Gandhi

There was a time during this life experience that I filled with fear. Fear of EVERYTHING! I walked the path of my journey connected to the challenges, and chaos in life growing up.

Yet, I survived and the significant change I made was to get to know me which led me to LOVE MYSELF, the one key! A Belief of Self then led me to open all the doors that I needed to live my Passion of Self and Purpose of Self.

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Today, I trust that there is a process to live because I believe the Universe. I am aware that there are no mistakes and that anything is possible with Love! We as humanity residing at this time on Mother Gaia need to look within, connect to our Light and change our beliefs to manifest being responsible for our actions in our relationships to live our universal truths.

Pray. Meditate. Journal.


  1. James

    A beautiful heartfelt message, Linda. Love is truly the Key for experiencing our life with ease and grace. Thank you for sharing, James Mills

    1. Linda Amato@makingbelievers Post author

      I thank you, James for the Love !

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