The Teachings of Ainslie MacLeod on Past Lives

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Imagine living the life your soul intended while healing your past lives to realize your soul's potential. Do you know who you are? The magical, mystical, mystery of life is shared in the teachings of these books. I have read all of Ainslie's books when the universe brought his books my way. I joined his membership for one year and also had a personal reading with him. Very informative and life changing. Look at where I am today!

There are many benefits to his membership platform that he offers, which I have experienced and enjoyed through the Workshops with a theme for each month's exploration and a one-hour class, and Q&A Sessions. Your experience as a human is worth looking for the answers, if you are at this time having any questions about the life you are living today. Check out his books and maybe purchase a reading.

We all search for meaning:

  • We all face those moments where we wonder who we are?
  • What we are?
  • How we are in the family we are in?
  • Why we like this person?
  • Why we don't like another?
  • How we love who we love is a question in our minds?
The Teachings of Ainslie Macleod on Past Lives

Have you ever sensed that your life has a deeper, more meaningful purpose, but you don't know what it is? If so, you're not alone. To help you and the millions like you, psychic Ainslie MacLeod's spirit guides have given him a systematic approach to uncovering who you really are and the life your soul has planned for. They call it The Instruction.

Now, for the first time, this unique teaching is offered as a step-by-step program for realizing personal fulfillment. The Instruction will take you through 10 doorways to unveil the life plan your soul created before you were even born, including:

  • Your Soul Age - Determining how it shapes your beliefs and behaviors
  • Your Soul Type - Are you a Hunter? Thinker? Creator? What your Soul Type reveals about your true self.
  • Your Powers - Connecting fully and permanently with your spirit guides to create your destiny.
  • Your Talents - Using your past lives to enhance the present.

By taking you on a journey beyond this plane, Ainslie MacLeod uses a groundbreaking system to help you unlock the secrets of your soul's purpose, and illuminate the path of your life with The Instruction.

Many of us yearn to live out our highest potential but can't seem to make it happen. External circumstances such as money, the right job, or family demands seem to get in the way. But what if our greatest challenge to fulfillment wasn't an external obstacle but rather an internal one? And what if it didn't have anything to do with this lifetime, but a previous incarnation? This is the radical message Ainslie MacLeod shares in The Transformation.

In this empowering new approach to healing, Ainslie teaches us how to identify our past-life fears and then transform them into opportunities for growth and spiritual development. Join this renowned psychic to explore:

  • The ten most common past-life fears - and how each one contains the seed of its own healing
  • More than a dozen spiritual acts and exercises to help you move toward fulfillment and joy in this lifetime
  • Reaching "Stage-Four Consciousness" - the next evolutionary step our souls are striving to take
  • How the human species is "clearing out" our collective past-life traumas to make way for a global transformation.
The Teachings of Ainslie Macleod on Past Lives

Ainslie's spirit guides suggest that we are standing on the brink of the greatest leap in human consciousness in 55, 000 years. For each of us to take an active part in this shift, we must learn how to release the fears our souls have accumulated over many lifetimes, while retaining the essential wisdom that each incarnation has given us. Rich with practical techniques and compelling stories, The Transformation is a fresh examination of one of the most critical yet often overlooked elements of spiritual awakening.

Everything you are - your personality, beliefs, aspirations, talents and fears - is the result of your soul's many incarnations.

To help you tap into this wealth of past-life experience and dramatically increase your potential for success in this lifetime, past-life psychic and author Ainslie MacLeod offers The Old Soul's Guidebook: Who You Are, Why You're Here and How to Navigate Life on Earth.​​

Building on his award-winnng books, The Instruction and The TransformationAinslie delivers unique insights and exercises to help you:

  • Understand why your destiny is so much more obvious than you think
  • Identify past-life sources of present-life issues like low self-esteem, unexplained ailments, and irrational fears
  • Escape the victimization trap through self-empowerment

"Past lives explain everything," shares Ainslie. "Without knowing where you've been,  you can never truly know where you're going. Understanding your soul's journey is the key to living a happier and more fulfilling life."

The Teachings of Ainslie Macleod on Past Lives

Welcome to a journey to your soul's past. Ainslie MacLeod is your personal guide in the journey of past-life regression, which can liberate you from the unhealed experiences that hinder your potential today.

In Past-Life Regression, Ainslie leads you step by step as you safely confront and resolve the traumas of previous incarnations - a process that he calls the most critical practice to foster spiritual evolution. Available exclusively in digital download format, this one-hour session explores:

  • How to overcome anxiety about revisiting painful experiences in the past
  • The 10 most common past-life fears - including the fear of loss, the fear of betrayal and the fear of self-expression
  • "Symptoms and resonances"  - the tell tale signs of your primary past-life fears
  • Your most significant past life and how to ovecome its effects through its corresponding "karmic motivation" 

"It's like a burden being lifted." That's what most people tell Ainslie MacLeod after they've experienced a past-life regression with this gifted pyschic. Join him in Past-Life Regression for a powerful practice to break through the obstacles to happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime.​​

Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and author. He has been a  featured guest on Oprah Winfrey's Soul Series and SuperSoul Conversations. He has used his talents as a psychic to explore the soul and its effect on human beliefs and behavior for more than a decade.  You can purchase his books at: or 

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