The Teachings of Deanna Hansen on Self-Care!


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Youth isn't a function of age:

It is a matter of proper mindset and right action.

Your body's cells must be properly fed and cleaned to maintain youthful elasticity and optimal health, stay pain free and limber as we age.

BLOCK THERAPY is the key to unlocking the full diaphragmatic breath - delivering significant increase in oxygen to your starving cells through the interconnectivity of the fascia. Understanding how your body's fascia system is critical to that flow of cellular nutrients and by-products is a game changer impacting how you age.

"Block Therapy is a self-care practice that uses a tool called the Block Buddy..." -Deanna


You will learn:

  • How to address pain, aging, and disease
  • How to maintain a healthy size and shape
  • How to manage stress and anxiety
  • How to thrive instead of merely survive in your body.

Join Deanna as she shares her story of how this journey began and how she experienced a major breakthrough leading her to develop this innovative self-care solution. You will also hear from those who have been using this system and experiencing its many incredible benefits.


Deanna Hansen is a Ceritifed Athletic Therapist and the founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy. She has spent over 50,000 hours working in the fascia and has seen thousands receive the transformational benefits of her system. To learn more, go to

Personally, after watching Deanna's fabulous videos, I incorporated Block Therapy and her certain recommendations when it even comes to how we stand that has been beneficial for me. I recommend that everyone check her out and her teachings on these simple tools of self-care to make a difference in your life today.

Love & Light, Linda


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