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As an avid reader my entire life, I have collected a library of all different avenues and insights into the written word. At times, I feel very passionate about the written word and respect the books that fuel my soul as nourishment. My life started out as any other child's world growing up and learning how to read. However, I chose to escape into the books I read for peace, adventure and comfort.

The journey of each of us is the story we hold in our minds. The story that can be fearful as well as scary at times. Today, I know we can all change our story! Growing up in a dysfuncitonal family was not a known label back in my day. It simple was accepted as part of life to live in fear, obey and accept any kind of abuse.

I am not saying anything derogatory about my life because I had a pretty good childhood. Walking in Mother Nature was the means of our transport as a family. My parents never owned a car so we walked, as much as possible, as far as possible, when needed or took mass transportation.

I grew up outside in the fields of Mother Nature's beaches, amusement parks and simply outside in the streets of New York City. What went on in the house was the scary part. The interesting journey that we are traveling as spiritual beings, is that we manifest our lives by the choices, thoughts, words and actions we create today!

"Love, compassion, and goodness lead one toward their faith..." -I AM Kali  Lunar

This story is about all aspects of me and if I did not transform my life and change, I would have become insane. It is a women's story taking from my life experiences that I learned many lessons from.

Making Believers: "Connect to the Light within..." was a process of tranformation for me and required a ten year span of delving into myself. As an avid reader of books, a strong passion for the written word whether mine or anothers, I developed a need to share information through the art of writing. What an amazing journey I have discovered!

... Abuse needs to end in relationships by the simple transformation of discovering that God is within all, became my mantra. Gracie and Amanda live as a mother and daughter filled with their demons on a daily basis. However, Amanda has the gift of unconditional love, which she shares with all. When Gracie dies and leaves her a gift, she discovers her truth and passion. In doing so, she transforms her life.


"Regrets are for those who believe they lived badly..." -I AM Kali Lunar

A Tear ... Their faces the same, as they look about! They are in a room, and they can't get out! Their minds begin to shout! No one listens! No one hears! There is sadness everywhere, then you see a tear. They have no where to go. There world is so slow. They only exist, and never insist.

(Poetry was an enormous way of healing emotions that filled me for years. This poem was my perception of the mentally ill while witnessing them in the mental hospitals)

As the author of this blog and both books, I want to share with you how powerful words are. If you choose to read my books, know that we as humans are all teachers and the classroom is life.

  • How we choose to believe, feel and express ourselves manifests our lives.
  • Who I am today is because of the lessons I learned yesterday.
  • I learned that fear is the greatest of demons after abuse of any kind, physical or emotional.
  • I was always amazed by the power love projects onto people, especially, when it is taken away.
  • Today, I trust there is a reason for everything in life.

For thirty years, I was the sole person responsible for my dad, who was diagnosed as a manic-depressant after attempting suicide. Yet, in my eyes he was the wisest man. My belief in life is that anything is possible because change is the key to transformation when the life-experience you are living is not working out.

I raised four children and I am now a grandmother to six and another baby on the way. It has been a tremendous ride because I have always been aware that I was a teacher, and I inspired my children to be whoever they needed to be with love, kindness and compassion for all beings. I respected my chidlren tremendously and I have learned from them how to grow and transform during my own journey. Married to my childhood sweetheart for forty-eight years has allowed me to develop and learn wonderful lessons of acceptance, change, and adaptability.

"Time has no boundaries..." -I AM Kali Lunar

The truth of my existence stems from all the lessons I learned during this process and life experience.

My second book is a simple eBook: The Seven Gifts of Time That Will change Your Life : "find that which creates freedom of thought..." which stems from my insights into life and the changes I made to expand and grow to be the woman I am today..

We as a society live by watching the clock. The clock is the time we live by. The moments we get up, go to sleep and go to work or wherever we need to go to. It all comes down to Time!

  • What if, Time has a purpose in our lives daily?
  • What if, Time can offer us a look into our souls?
  • Can there actually be a gift or gifts that Time grants us?
  • These are the questions that this book will answer for all.

Life is a journey of 'Discovery of Self,' in Plan "A" for all of us. It comes from The Mansions of the Mind when we process our fears.

We can tranform from The Passions of the MInd, how to 'Live ourTtruth,' in Plan "B" of our journey.

Connecting to the light within is the only path. Once we have connected and the inner wisdom of self is accepted we acknowledge our spirituality as beings of the light in human form. Love the life you are living now by taking the journey and allow tranformation to manifest!

Be Love, Linda

Pray. Meditate. Journal.

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