The Teachings of Maureen J. St. Germain on the Meaning of Life Around us!

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I admire Maureen J. St. Germain for her wisdom and teachings that she shares for all of humanity to raise their vibration. She is inspiring. I began the journey of her teachings in 2010. All of humanity has a reason for being and when we educate ourselves on the platform of LOVE, we become empowered. Once we learn to meet our Higher Self and incorporate the tools Maureen teaches in her books, life expands and we raise our vibration.

I personally, learned how to open my Akashic Records and for others with Maureen. I have read all her books and had my Akashic Records, read by her. She is pure light and love when speaking to her and learning from her. I have incorporated many of her teachings into my daily life.

Beyond the Flower of Life: Mutidimensional Activation of your Higher Self, the Inner Guru -- Advanced MerKaBa Teachings, Sacred Geometry & the Opening of Your Heart

This unique book consists of steps to developing an accurate understanding of the MerKaBa and its capabilities - while strengthening your heart connection and learning to program your MerKaBa.


Since 1995, Maureen has developed these revolutionary techniques that allow one to gain full reliable access to their Higher Self. With these tools, MerKaBa Meditators will be able to achieve and exceed their understanding of the world around them and keep their heart open all the time.

Along with MerKaBa insights, Beyond the Flower of Life offers new information regarding the opening of the heart, the Christ Consciousness Grid, and how to achieve Fifth Dimensional Awareness and going beyond FIfth Dimension.

Be A Genie: Author and intuitive, St.Germain uses the laws of quantum physics and sacred geometry, along with easy to learn, step-by-step tools and practices to give you the detailed understanding of how things really work in the universe ... and how they can work for you.

In this book, she shares the knowledge she gained from over 25 years of study as a seeker in ancient truths. You can count on the wit and wisdom of the Practical Mystic to educate and entertain you.

"I consider it both an honor and a privilege to serve in the awakening of dedicated individuals..."  -Maureen 

Reweaving the Fabric of Our Lives: Join Maureen St. Germain for an exciting, breakthrough book - one that gives you personal tools to evolve as a healer or self-evolving individual. Understand and practice ceremonies and invocations for achieving and maintaining clarity.

You will learn specific forces that can influence your behaviors or thougths. Learn significant tools to assist you in identifying issues and then re-creating your reality. Understanding and using these tools allow you to change in an instant. No more "waiting" for the effects to occur. No more "reminding'" you to be "better." You will learn specific tools for:

  • Removing Entities
  • Soul parts retrieval
  • Clearing Curses
  • Removing and/or Reprogramming Behavior Issues

Waking Up in 5D: Tools and teachings to guide you in the transition from the polarized mindset of the 3rd dimension to the joy and love of 5th dimensional vibrations.
-Explains how to recognize the 5D experiences you've already had, identify the difference between 4D linear thinking and 5D multidimensional thinking, and turn 3D viewpoints around to expand your perception of what is possible.
-Includes exercises to protect your energies, especially while sleeping and Sacred Geometry meditations to open yourself to higher frequencies.
-Reveals how to develop a Higher Self connection, increase your sensitivity to dimensional signatures and consciously choose 5D, where love is the governing force.

The Akashic Records are a vast domain of energetic imprints much like a movie library, a living vibrational field that stores all possible futures, the present, and the past. As soon as your soul begins its life experience, a field of enregy is released that records every thought, word, action, desire, and emotion.

Opening the Akashic Records: Meet Your Record Keepers and Discover Your Soul's Purpose: A clear and simple manual of precise instructions for accessing the Akashic Records and confirming the accuracy of the information you receive.

  • Details and exercises, tools, and techniques to clear the energies blocking your access and tune to your Akashic Record Keepers.
  • Explains the specific markers that allow you to recognize your Record Keepers and to validate the informaiton you receive, rather than "trusting" it to be true.
  • Provides guidance on accessing the Akashic Records on behalf of other people, how to ask questions, and how to handle the information as it comes in.

MAUREEN J.St. Germain is the founder of Transformational Enterprises and has led trainings in personal development and spiritual awakening in more than 24 countries. The founder of Akashic Records Guides International, she is also the author, musician, and producer of more than 15 guided-meditation CDs. An internationally recognized teacher and intuitive, she lives in San Diego and New York.

Be Love, Linda

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