Tools to Create a New Reality from Maureen J. St. Germain

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“At the heart of this book lies the message that each of us has the choice to change our destiny every day, to shift our perspectives, and to step more fully into an illuminated and joyful fifth-dimensional life…” – Tricia McCannon, author of Return of the Divine Sophia

As an avid reader and way shower myself, I have traveled a journey filled with inner direction. Maureen J. St. Germain is one of those teachers that AM grateful for knowing. After reading all her books, as well as taking her classes and studying to open the Akashic Records, I would like to introduce you to her new book.

These past few years we have been facing extreme changes in our beliefs personally. Due to this process of leaving the 3D world and going into the 4D to get to the 5D world , this is a great book introducing you to what is actually going on.


Humanity is shifting into the fifth dimension, but the transformation will not be a linear process. Our evolution follows a sine wave, moving from ideal expressions back to old familiar ones then on to even higher ideal expressions. It is the same with the shift to 5D.

In this guide to anchoring yourself in 5D consciousness, Maureen St. Germain explores many tools and shortcuts to help you understand and master your own circumstance. She explains how to identify the progress you have made on the path of ascension and looks at ways to detach from the old paradigms of 3D reality.

She reveals how you no longer need to “heal” emotional wounds through long processes in order to be fifth dimensional, and she shares practices to transform and transmute emotions instantly so they can be released and resolved into their highest expression. Maureen addresses concerns such as the electrification of the planet, showing how you can work with EMFs and other kinds of unseen toxicity. She also shares a revolutionary new chakra meditation based on the Divine Feminine spiral, which progresses from the heart chakra outward. With this book you can learn fluid ways of thinking, doing, and vibrating to open the portals of light within yourself as well as in the fifth dimension.


Is the founder of the Ascension Institute Mystery School, Inc., near Sedona, Arizona, with branches: Transformational Enterprises, Inc., and Akashic Records International, Inc. An internationally recognized teacher and intuitive, she is also the author, musician, and producer of more than 15 guided-mediation CDs. She is the author of 7 books, including Waking Up in 5D and Opening the Akashic Record. She lives near Sedona and offers workshops worldwide.

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“Stepping into the full power of 5D means giving up the traditional ways of dealing with problems, relationships, and personal growth. Maureen St. Germain shows us how to navigate this new terrain with grace and simplicity…” Debra Poneman, Author of Spiritual Leadership and Founder of Yes to Success, Inc.

Love, Wisdom, and Power, Linda

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